Sunday, 23 April 2017

OTL in a Bit of a Pickle!

Hi Woofers!

Welcome back, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here for you!

Happy St Georges Day to you all!

Now, where are the dragons?

We had some fun this morning. First of all Old Two Legs managed to get a photo of Dylan, one of the Two Bob Dogs! It was a bit difficult 'cos he was trying to get the camera out of the bag, put the ferrets in the bag and then get Dylan to stop still long enough to take a picture!

Yo! OTL, Gissa Cuddle!
 Of course, Marley was there as well and he was all over OTL like a rash!

Both Wendy and Fred stayed in the bag, just in case the Two Bob Boys wanted a taste of ferret!

After they had left us the ferrets were out of the bag again for a run and a sniff.

Towards the end of the walk, Holly decided she wanted a poo, no problem there, but because we are having to wait another week and a half for the lady wot gives us our hair cut, we are getting a bit 'Hairy' under the tail and some times we end up with a 'Grubby Butt'.

Normally it doesn't worry Holly, she just stays in the same position while OTL unpicks the poo with his hand inside a poo bag and later Holly would get a wipe down with some 'Wet Wipes' back at the car.

Today was a little different 'cos first of all OTL had to gather the ferrets up and put them in the bag. Hurry up says Holly I can't stay like this all day!

OK, says OTL fishing a poo bag out of the ferret bag and inserting his hand.

'Hey! Wot You Doing?' Says Dylan and Marley as they come bounding up to give OTL a lick on his nose! 'I'm getting cramp in my tail' says Holly!

Dylan and Marley charge off to find out where their Two Legs had gone to!

OTL gets over to Holly who has been doing a balancing act on her back legs and begins to unpick the poo.

At the same time, both ferrets spring from the bag and go for a run down the path, until they run out of lead, then they turn around and rush back up the path towards OTL and Holly.

So, with one hand wiping Holly's butt and the other trying to stuff both ferrets back into the bag and both ferrets wanting to get out again to see what OTL was doing to Holly!

I'm sorry, I was laughing my tail off, Holly was not amused and OTL was almost falling over whilst wiping Holly's butt!

It just don't get any better!

Half a pack of Wet Wipes later Holly was pronounced clean enough to get into the car!

Mind you, she still had to have a wash when she got home!

Lunchtime was a little less fraught!

May and Eric spent time digging on the beach, with May producing a super long ditch!

This is how you start!
You know, it was so long that we thought she was going to fall into the rock pools!

Just a few more feet!
Holly and I spent time racing up and down the beach and we even got time to have a roll in the sea weed while OTL was looking after the ferrets!

Move over! Woofer coming through!
Back home we decided to have a Sunday Afternoon Snooze!

Next week we have an appointment with the Poodle Parlour so Holly's problems with a hairy butt will soon be over!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.