Saturday, 8 June 2013

Chemical Warfare & WMD's and Snowflakes Ears!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

We have been having fun watching Old Two Legs and The Missus wandering around with the 50 gallon drum of 'Super Strength Weed Killer'

There is OTL pumping away and TM, instead of just spraying the leaves, she attempts to drown the plant before there is any chemical reaction!

Mind you, she is the same with the fly spray, she can't wait!

We, of course, have 'Confined to Barracks' and can only watch out of the window!

After they had finished, OTL was straight up to the shower for 'Detoxification' 'cos his next job was to give us a brush!

Looking on the 'Job List', the next job is a brand new task. Ferrets seem to suffer from two design faults, the first is that their front claws grow at an alarming speed and have to be trimmed every so often, or, as OTL does, gives her a long run on the concrete of the Sea Wall!

He has trimmed her nails in the past and that is now no big deal, Snowflake doesn't even think about it!
OK, Wot You Got Planned?
The second design fault is their ears. They have an 'L' shaped auditory canal (ear holes to you!) and OTL has read that you should not go poking too far down with the cotton buds!

So, gathering a few cotton buds in a small glass of warm water, he got Snowflake interested in a bucket of Ferretone and while she was slurping away, he wiped the inside of the ear lobe to clear out any wax that was there.

It made Snowflake jump to start off with but in the end OTL managed to get out a little wax, Snowflake drank about two gallons of Ferretone and OTL felt better about her ears and their condition!
I'm sure there's some more wax in there, get the Ferretone out!
Mouth and Gob are getting bigger by the hour! The parent birds are in and out every few minutes with food for them and because there is only two of them, they are getting very well fed!

Feeed Meeee!
We are not sure, but we think the Blue Tits in the box on the shed wall have fledged 'cos we haven't seen or heard anything from the box for a couple of days!

There are loads of young Black Birds and Starlings running around the garden getting fed by Mum & Dad!

Mum, Feeed Meee!
 It's fun watching them getting used to this 'Flying' thing!

The Green Finches have returned to the feeders after not seeing them for a few weeks.

So, after TM & OTL come in there is quite a lot going on in the garden!

OTL spotted this caterpillar crawling along and now he is looking for what it will change into!

What will it be?
OTL thinks that it is the Lackey Moth Caterpillar but he not 100% sure, so if you know.....tell us!

Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again and the wind has got really strong now and as it was high tide there was a lot of water sloshing about!

Looks wet to me!
 Of course, OTL was trying to catch the water as it splashed over the top of the Sea Wall!

Another Splash!
When we got back home, Snowflake had woken up and was all ready for a game, especially as her ears were nice and clean!

She was playing with her squeaky ball doing the 'Keepy Uppy' trick!

Hey! Watch This Game Girls!
 We said that we would rather have a snooze and watch the F1 racing, it's Qualifying today with the race tomorrow.

So Snowflake decided to have a cuddle with OTL and also give him a playful nip 'cos she really wanted a game!

After that, even she settled down for a snooze!

Not sure what OTL has for dinner tonight but we enjoyed some lambs heart this morning and for 'afters' we enjoyed our 'Chews' from last night!

It will be fun to see what the WMD Chemicals have done to the garden or even if there is anything left in the garden that is growing!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Gob & Mouth say hello too!)