Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday with Old Two Legs

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Today The Missus was off early to go and see Auntie Zoe and her family, so, that left us with Old Two Legs all day!

We first went out on our morning stroll along The Sea Wall.

A Morning stroll in the sun shine
 We met up with a couple of dogs, passed the time of day and a bit of 'Sniff Info'.

I Spy With My Little Eye!
Then it was back to breakfast and a snooze.

Well, that's what we had planned, but OTL got out the shovel and started digging the hole for the pond.

Well now, OTL is not as fit as he used to be on account of his great age and general 'wearing out' caused by doing too much in his earlier years.

After a couple of hours he could hardly lift the shovel, never mind filling the shovel with earth!

So, in he came and collapsed into the arm chair for a rest until lunch time!

We made sure he was awake to take us out and we got him to go down to The Forest again. It's getting real good down there, the squirrels are all over the place and Holly has even found some rabbit sniff!

I Sniff Rabbit!
I was keeping a good lookout for the squirrels!

Here Be Squirrels!
OTL kept a look out for Jays!

Retreating Jay!
Poor OTL, all he seems to get is a picture of the Jay's backside!

We spent some time just sitting on the fallen trees with OTL enjoying the sounds of the forest, that was until I spotted a squirrel, then off I went on 'The Hunt' again!

Both Holly and I had a great time!

It feels good in the sun shine!
Back home for another snooze before TM got back, even OTL had a snooze as well!

Both Holly and I gave TM a big 'Welcome Home' lick and she told us all about the news from Auntie Zoe and the family gossip!

We told her about OTL's bad back and digging the hole and chasing squirrels and rabbits!

So now it is 'Paws Up' for a good cuddle and a snooze before going to bed.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. My shoulder doesn't hurt so much today!