Sunday, 16 February 2014

It's The Sun, really, it is The Sun!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again.

And Wow! Just what is that thing in the sky? Yeah! It's The Sun!

Doesn't it make you feel good when get a bit of sun shine on your back?

Down on the beach the ferrets had a run around and even got to dig a hole! Miss Snowflake got Old Two Legs to pick her up 'cos she said that she was scared of the woofer that passed by. We reckon she just wanted a cuddle!

Up on the path we looked towards Southend and Holly said it was a big change from yesterday!

Sunshine over Southend.

Back home it was all rush and tear around for OTL to get things cleared up and our breakfast cooked. We got Lambs Heart again and it was done to perfection!

Holly and I had a snooze while OTL got going on the ferret cleaning job. While he was clearing out the bottom half he let them out and the first thing Mr Brambles did was to rush over to the corner and do a poo!

OTL was not happy!

Lunchtime and we were down the Sea Wall again and there were hundreds of people walking along the Sea Wall! The sunshine has certainly brought them all out today!

There was even one couple sunbathing on the beach. Holly said she could sniff Factor 50!

Factor 50 My Dear?
 OTL even took another picture, just for Michael, look, no rain!

Look at the colours!
 Back home OTL got busy lifting some rocks from the front garden into the back garden where he is finishing off his reconstruction. All he has to do now is plant the 'Wild Flowers', drill some holes in an old tree trunk and make it into a Wasp/Bumblebee Hotel and replace a few fence panels. They will be done around April time, after the winds have dropped

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles