Tuesday, 10 November 2015

We saw the Sun!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April back with you again!

Now, you know how dull it has been over the last few days? I mean, like cloudy and grey and no sun and rain and a chilly wind under your tail?

Well, today Old Two Legs said he spotted the sun smiling down on us from above Sheerness!

The only thing was, us woofers didn't see it!

Like, we saw a bright patch above some clouds but not actually see the sun. OTL was insisting that he could see the sun and to prove it, he took a picture and said he would show us when we got home!

Hello Mr Sun?
Holly reckons he is 'Pulling Our Tails' on this one and he has been 'Fiddling' with the computer again!

Down on the beach I was digging a super big hole when April jumped in and started to have a dig as well! Then she decided to go sniffing around the rim to see who else had been digging. So, while she was doing that, I crept up behind her and had a sniff! She said that all Ferrets, like Skunks, have a gland under their tails that if they got scared, they could let go with a stink that would knock you out and if I didn't remove my nose, she would introduce me to a Ferret Fart!

Nuff Said!

Stand still, it's just a Doggy Thing!
The ferrets like the beach but they really love it when we get to the Grass Path 'cos they can dive into the long grass and chase through the tunnels that have been made by the mouses and voles and Weasels!

It's a Vole Hole, not a Mouse Hole!
May was most interested in the Rabbit sniffs Holly and I found on the path, we reckon they were last nights wees!

Funny how it always sniffs of grass!
Back home we had some Lambs Heart waiting for us, so it was 'Nose Down and Tail Up' until we had finished it then off to bed for a snooze until lunch time!

All of us were snoozing, well, the ferrets and Holly and me, OTL was plonking away on his computer!

All of a sudden it was walkies time and Miss Snowflake was fast asleep, in fact, she was so sleepy that she didn't even know that OTL had dressed her in her harness and put her in the travelling cage!

When we got down to the car park she was still asleep and snuggled up in OTL's arm and hand and mumbled some thing about 'Wake me up when we get there!'

Shhhhh! Ferret Snoozing!
Down on the beach I got back into the hole and shovelled out some more sand while Young Holly Dog enjoyed a good roll in some thing that sniffed of crab!

This is the Life!
We all headed back towards the car and came across a woofer who was not feeling himself. You see he got really scared when those Bozo TL's let off all the Whizz Bangs and he hasn't recovered yet. He was getting very nervous about walking along with some one behind him, especially two woofers and a ferret!

Holly and me and Snowflake walked past him and he then followed. After a while he could see where he had to go along the path and knew he was getting near to home, so, he passed us and trotted off but you could see he wasn't the happiest Woofer in the Park!

If only those Bozos would go and set fire to their Whizz Bangs somewhere else, far away!
Back home Snowflake finished off her treats and headed back to bed while Holly and I watched the birds in the back garden. Now that the Winter is getting close they are all in our back garden getting as fat as they can before the bad weather sets in!

Holly and I don't have that problem and neither do the ferrets, they just get fat 'cos it is what they do naturally after eating too many treats!

When the Ferret Show on the 21st Nov arrives we should see them finished their moult and be all plump and cuddly, just like OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.