Sunday, 9 February 2014

Doggy Scoff, so it must be Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today The Missus was up early to get ready for the 'Master Class' up at the village hall, so we got woken up. She does make such a noise stomping up and down the stairs with her boxes of glue and bits of paper!

After we had taken her and her mountain of stuff up the hall we headed off to the beach for a game. Just for a change it wasn't raining and the sun even had a go at shining on us, but it missed and instead it landed on Sheerness!

Sun Shine on Sheerness!
 That didn't stop us having fun running up and down the beach and the ferrets warmed up by digging a couple of holes, for a change!

Another fun start to the day!
 Back home Old Two Legs cleaned out Snowy Heights while the ferrets ran around the office. Mr Brambles has got a favourite spot to the side of the camera equipment case where he has a rest and sometimes he even looks like he is going to sleep!

As soon as that happens OTL picks him up and puts him back on his bed where he crashes out!

Comfortable or Wot!
Miss Snowflake carries on dancing around and playing with OTL and the Cat Tease. She just loves chasing it around in circles and pouncing on it!

Then, the same as Mr Brambles, she decides it would be a good idea to have a snooze, so she gets behind all the cardboard boxes and starts to snooze.

Of course, OTL has to find her, pick her up and put her to bed as well, talk about a spoilt pair of ferrets!

Us? Well, when we inspected our food bowls what did we find that TM had left for us?

Horrible Rotten Doggy Scoff!

No cuddles for her tonight!

And talking of cuddles, it is a sign of affection when a woofer jumps up on your bed and gives you the Wet Nose and to show how much he cares, he places his paw on you forehead, or thereabouts, just to make sure you are safe!

As a sign of total love and caring it is a protective action to wrap yourself around your Two Legs Head and spend at least half an hour licking the forehead!

There are occasions when, through no fault of your own, when the woofer gets to suffer a bit of 'Gas' and lets one go whilst he is wrapped around your head. Ignoring it would be the polite thing to do 'cos a woofer can get embarrassed about a small thing like that and may even get upset if he thought you were offended!

Here Endeth the First Lesson!

Our afternoon walk was a bit windy but at least the sun was out, some of the time! As normal, being a Sunday, there was loads of people out with their woofers and little Two Legs in their prams!

Holly and I played 'Hide and Woof' which was great fun when Holly thought I was coming along and she jumped up and woofed, only to find it was some strange Two Legs who was scared out of his wits!

Woofin' Boo!
 OTL was still playing with the Infrared Red Thingy and decided to have another go at the Isle of Sheppy as there wasn't a rainbow to play with!

Isle of Sheppy or Isle of Sheep as it was once known as!
Thank you to Mike who has come up with the answer to our Horrid Hill question and even added info on Deadmans Island!

I told you he would know that didn't I?

OK, we are off to pick up TM who should be ready to come home.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.