Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Reeds and Boggy Bits!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

It was HORRID last night! Whiz Pop Bangs all evening and Holly was not a happy puppy!

We had a cuddle with Old Two Legs and then a cuddle with The Missus and then we went off to bed with TM and snoozed bedside her until it was time to go for our night time wee.

OTL took us out to the garden and we were just thinking about it when,       BANG!

That was it, Holly and I flew back inside and straight back up to TM and we didn't move off the bed until early morning!

We woke up early and made sure that OTL was up as well, (the old 'Wet Tongue in Ear trick) and we jumped up and down until we were in the car and off to Canterbury!

Holly kept asking 'are we there yet?' and of course, OTL told porkies and said that we were nearly there, when we weren't!

Finally we got there and we woofed and scrabbled at the door and woofed some more until OTL let us out!

It was a great time, we sniffed all over the place, ran in the wet grass and jumped in all the muddy puddles we could find!

On the way to Hide No.1
As we knew our way around, we led OTL to all the bird hides and helped him look for the birds and when we got fed up, we started making a noise and fighting so that he had to pack up and let us out!

We saw Fieldfare birds that had just arrived in the country for the Winter Stopover

There were some hides that we both found very interesting, especially when we saw there were loads of quacker type ducks and geese.

Is that one edible?
At the Tower Hide, Holly had a good game trying to work out what one would taste like chicken and what one would taste like liver!

Chicken, Liver, Chicken, maybe Liver, Chicken........
We stopped in the hide furthest away to have a spot of lunch, well, that was OTL's idea and we jumped up onto the shelve to see what he had to eat. Shock horror, he found that he had left his lunch at home!

This was getting serious, I mean, us puppies could starve without a proper lunch!

Lucky for us, OTL had brought a couple of doggy sausages for us, so, taking them out of the packet, he had to sit there holding the sausage while Holly and me bit off lumps to eat!

Chicken, Liver, Chicken, maybe liver, sausage and sausage!
We saw loads of birds and had a super time running in and out of the puddles on the way back. We ended up as right pair of Grubby Puppy's!

Getting Grubby Puppy's
There were some more Whiz Pop Bang's this evening which upset Holly again, so she got cuddles from all of us and I even gave her a lick on her nose to make her feel better! 

Because of the noise, we are up late this evening, well it's no good going to bed early if you are going to be kept awake by the noise, so we have stayed up and had a sing song to keep Holly happy!

Up early tomorrow so we get our walk before the rain starts!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly