Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Another Grey Day, but we still are on the 'Famous Board'!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, The Famous Four, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, it has been another 'January Day' today, sort of damp, chilly and grey. You know, we will be glad when the Spring starts up and things start happening again!

Birds will arrive on our shores, plants will get buds growing and we will see the sun as well!

It was cold down on the beach and Snowflake just shot up Old Two Legs trouser leg and was straight into the bag in a flash!

I'll be finished in a mo!
Mind you, OTL dug her out and put her back on the ground, telling her that she needs some exercise, so get running!

Too much exercise is not good for you!
On the beach Mr Brambles was poking his nose into our sniffs and I had to tell him that a doggy sniff was for doggies and not ferrets!

This a Doggy Sniff, now Woof Off and find your own!
OTL has been busy again today, this working thing isn't much fun really, hours spent talking to people on a computer must get terribly boring after a while!

We dragged him out at lunchtime for a stroll but it was still all grey and chilly.

We met up with one of Sid's family who asked if we had seen him lately, but we couldn't help.

Seen Super Sid Lately?
 Late this afternoon OTL took both Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake down to the vet!

It is time for her Distemper Jab and OTL thought that if Mr Brambles was in the travelling cage with her she wouldn't get too nervous!

So off the went having a cuddle all the way and at the vets everyone was going Ohhh! and Ahhh! and Aren't they so sweet!

Mr Brambles stuck his head out of the cage, took one look around and announced that there were pictures of us all on the vets wall!

Snowflake stuck her head our and it was true! There was the picture of Holly and Me and down the bottom of the frame was the Christmas Card from Brambles and Snowflake!

We were the only family with Two Pictures!

Well done OTL!

Pretty soon the vet called them all in and did the inspection bit and then, just as OTL was pouring out some more Ferretone, the vet stabbed Snowflake!

She said it didn't hurt really and she had been bitten worse than that at her previous home!

Back home we all gave OTL a cuddle 'cos he had to pay out loads of money again to the vet!

So, we are all settling down to a cuddly evening and maybe a chance to mug some dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

The Famous Four!