Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Relaxing Saturday, Almost!

Hi Woofers!

We're Back! Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was not a good night last night, Holly got a bit upset 'cos there was a Thunder Storm going on at about two in the morning. Booms and crashes and flashes of lightning. She was so upset that she had to woof to Old Two Legs to lift her up on the bed for a cuddle!

By the time morning arrived, it had all gone away, leaving just a few clouds and a slight breeze, which was OK by us 'cos we have had our fill of hot days!

It was Snowflakes turn to come out on the morning run and she was warned about trying to run away and bramble bushes and nettles!

Not that she took any notice, but she did stay away from the nettles!

By the time we got to the beach, Snowflake had all but fallen asleep in OTL's arms. She had missed Holly and I chasing a couple of rabbits and we also said 'Good Morning' to Bryn, a Shiatsu, who was not too sure about Snowflake!

OTL woke her up and gave her a couple of strokes to make sure her eyes were open and put her down on the sand.

It was like she was waking up all over again!

'Where am I?' she said, this isn't my travelling cage! 

Can't I have a snooze before starting back?
I called her a 'Right Ferret' waking up and not knowing where she was! 'You're on the beach, the same place you start your run home from every time you come down here!

 After a couple of minutes she perked up, as normal, and off she went heading for the car park.
Oh Yes! I remember this patch of grass!
She was really getting up some speed now. I can see that if we put her in for some races she could be a bit of a 'Star' and we might have to change her name to Snowflake Bolt!

When we got home we all settled down for an 'After Breakfast Snooze' except OTL who was busy sorting paperwork out.

OTL says that this month marks the 20th Year he has been working for himself and he still doesn't believe it!

Lunch time arrived and we reminded OTL that he should stop messing about and do some real work, like, take us out for a walk!

Mr Brambles was getting all excited 'cos he hadn't been out for a whole day! So, he helped put on his new Big Boy Blue Harness and in two shakes, we were off!

Fits like a glove and looks Super Smart as well!
 On our way down to the beach we passed a family of Two Legs with loads of Mini Two Legs who were having a game. Well, we thought it was a game, they were all dancing about with 'Light Sabres' and pretending to be Darth Vader or some one like that!

It was OK but we couldn't understand why they were trying to beat each other over the head with the Light Sabre'!

OTL picked Mr Brambles up until we were well past them!

When we got to the beach, the tide was on it's way out, so I had to be quick if I wanted to wet my paws!

Just made it!
 Mr Brambles stayed on the beach and commenced to dig his first hole, getting his harness all wet and grubby, but he said it was just getting comfortable!

This is how you do some digging!
 Holly stood by the muddy bit saying that she really didn't want to get her paws too wet as they leave a grubby mark on the car seat!

Well? That's what dogs do, innit?

It's a bit muddy here!
 Mr Brambles had a look and decided that hole digging was going to be better than swimming in mud!

I think I'll stick to holes today!
 Although it was warm, we did the long route today and Mr Brambles did most of it on his own paws. By the time we got back to the car we were all thirsty and being the first in the car, Mr Brambles was the first to the water!

He has a water bottle hanging on his cage door but he says that the bowl is better 'cos not only can you have a drink, but you can wash your whiskers in it as well!

I did remind him that there were others who wanted to drink, BEFORE he washed his whiskers, but he pretended not to hear!

and after I wash my whiskers, I can blow bubbles in the water!
 I can see we will have to have a word with OTL about this ferrets manners!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!