Thursday, 20 October 2011

OTL's back and we go hunting Badgers!

Hi Woofers!

D&H back for some more fun.

OTL went out while it was still dark and we were still half asleep. It was strange him getting up so early, he is not normally a 'morning' person!

We had our walk across The Fields with The Missus and yes, she was sniffin and blowing her nose all the way! Talk about noisy, even the birds flew off when they heard her coming!

We got back and she didn't give us a brush, she was too busy wiping her nose!

We just didn't feel like breakfast without first getting a brush, I mean, it's just not polite to have breakfast looking scruffy!

Late morning there was a telephone call, we could hear it was Old Two Legs but couldn't make out what he was saying.TM put down the phone and said, 'Here's OTL!' That was it, Holly and I were both at the window, tails a'wagging and woofing call for OTL.

Then he appeared around the edge of the bushes in the front garden, we flew down stairs and waited for him to open the front door, then he got covered in licks and wet noses, Holly and mine, not TM's!

We first of all got brushed, then I had a bite to eat, (most important), then we were off to the Sea Wall!

We had a good chase around and watched some of the ships sail by and then back home for some lunch (OTL's)

We saw three ships a'sailing!

We let him do some of his work before bullying him into going out again but this time we wanted to go to a new place, so off we went to The Farm!

We raced ahead looking for rabbits and badgers and OTL took some pictures of the sky!

Holly found an old tree stump from which she kept an eye open for badgers but didn't see any, even though we both could smell them!

Looking for badgers!
It wasn't long before we found the badger set and we both had a very careful sniff all around the many holes. There were some where you could see that they had been digging our the chalk and throwing away from the hole, I mean, not even bothering to hide it!

Looking down a badgers hole!
OTL said we should be careful just in case the badger came out with more chalk and threw it over us!

We left the badgers to dig out some more and went off exploring. We came across this plant, even OTL was not sure what it was but we said that we would come back in the spring time and see what it had grow into, providing the badgers don't eat it!

Wot is it?
Back home again to a super (OTL) diner, and our food was OK as well!

See you tomorrow, and don't forget, it's Friday!


Daisy & Holly (Badger Hunter)