Sunday, 6 February 2011

Saturday and we are still working hard!

Hello People!

Have we been busy puppies today.

First of all there was the 'let's get The Missus up early' barking song! We started that at about four in the morning. Then after that we rushed up to Old Two Legs to tell him how cold and wet our noses were! He loves that, hee hee!

Seeing that it was just gone six, we decided a small 'after wake up snooze' was what we needed and went back to our day beds for an hour!

TM was down stairs playing on her computer because she could not get back to sleep again.

OTL just turned over and went back to snoring.

Later, after breakfast, TM went off with all her card stuff in the car, off to visit Auntie Karen for another 'one card day' we reckon!

You know, that poor old car is wearing its tyres out carrying all her stuff!

OLT had to do some work in the caravan, so we stayed in the caravan with him and made up some new caravan songs! OTL said they were very funny and can we teach them to him!

We tried, but you know the trouble we have with OTL, he keeps getting the woof mixed up with the howl, and as for the Grumble-Grumble-Woof, he has no idea just how important that bit is!

When we got to the New Park, Holly said hello to a dog with very long legs, Holly said she would like legs that long, I thought she would look silly!

Hello Long Legs!
A bit further on we came across a load of dogs jumping in the swimming pool. Holly thought about going in but decided it was too wet!

At the Swimming Pool
On our way out we met up with a doggy we had seen before and exchanged some info on the location of some super smells!

I'll tell you where the best smells are!
We got back home all tired and worn out, but not so tired that we couldn't woof down a super dish of chicken and biscuits!

It was good to see TM again when she got back home and guess what?

Not even one finished card!!

I bet she spent all day gassing to Auntie Karen!

See you tomorrow


Daisy & Holly