Saturday, 21 March 2015

OTL is building the Ferret Fun House!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Happy Saturday!

Old Two Legs has finished his 'Manufacturing' and the entrance hall is stuffed full of a kilometre of cable on wooden drums. He was hoping to get them shipped yesterday but was just too late for the carrier!

This morning, by way of a celebration, OTL changed the camera over to B&W and screwed the Yellow Filter onto the lens and off we went!

It was cloudy, but not the sort of 'Dramatic' clouds that OTL likes. Mind you, it was a bit windy as well!

OK, but nothing special!
 Miss Snowflake was off and running as soon as she got out of the bag but Brambles hung about a bit trying to get warmed up!

In this wind I really shouldn't be moulting yet!
 Snowflake came over and gave him a cuddle and a quick lick of his ear, just to get him going!

Come on Dear, We'll be home soon!
 Holly and I were having a sniff on the beach when we heard a load of woofing further on down The Sea Wall, it was The Lads on their walk.

I'm surprised sometimes at the amount of noise a woofer can make!

Sounds like The Lads are on their way!
It was some time before they finally arrived, Holly and I stood on the beach watching out for them. You know we were standing so still Brambles thought we had frozen stiff!

Just to help us get going again he offered to start digging a hole and we could join in later to get warm!

Fancy a Hole?
Back home OTL sorted out all his jobs and finally got around to opening up his Printer Box!

Now OTL is a softy really so, instead of setting up his printer, what did he do?

Yes, he made up another 'Adventure Playground' for the ferrets full of cardboard tubes and brown paper and packaging material and boxes with holes in and, well it is almost full up!

Oh yes, all of their squeaky toys, so of which they have pinched of us woofers!

In the end it got put under the bench and now we await Snowflake and Brambles to wake up and investigate!

Down on The Sea Wall at lunchtime it was a Very High Tide plus a chilly 'On Shore' wind!

So, you can imagine what OTL was doing!

Yep! Clicking away at the waves!

Trying not to get wet!
 Every time OTL got close to the edge a wave came crashing into the wall!

There's another one!
 A bit further on there were two fishermen getting wet and cold! Holly was looking for sarnies but then a wave came crashing in and she decided to leg it!

Here comes another wave!
We met up with Henry, a sort of Westie with a history! he ran around us but wasn't let off the lead 'cos he would run away from his Two Legs!

I just love to run!
 So, back home while OTL set about trying to set up his new printer. Well, he got it onto the shelf and that was it. He then spent some time clearing up and watching the rugby!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.