Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Naughty Holly and Another Sunny Day!

Hi every one,

Daisy & Holly here with more adventures!

Today we went into town with Old Two Legs and The Missus and Holly misbehaved herself!

We parked in the car park behind the supermarket and OTL opened the door to get out and Holly, being a bit quick on her paws, jumped out at the same time!

She thought it was going to be a new game and ran in front of the car. Trouble was, there were other cars coming into the car park and they could not see Holly. So, OTL was walking after her and calling her to come to him. She thought it was a game, until a car got too close and she got all worried and went back to OTL so he could pick her up and make it all safe again!

Naughty Holly, but she was safe and OTL sorted it out, as usual!

Back home we went off to the Sea Wall again, the tide was in and we went and said hello to the fishermen again. Only these weren't the same fishermen as yesterday, but they said 'hello' to us!

We asked what they were doing and one said he was teaching worms to swim!

Teaching worms to swim!
We thought that was great fun and Holly said we should stay a bit longer to see if he can really teach worms to swim!

We went up on top of the hill and tried moving the bench closer to where the fishermen were, so we can sit and watch, but I think someone had glued the bench to the floor 'cos we couldn't move it at all!

Let's see if we can move it closer!
Tomorrow we will go back again and see how the fisherman got on and how many swimming worms he has now!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly