Thursday, 31 May 2012

Lazy Day for us.

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Today has been one of those, 'Lazy Days', you know the sort, nothing planned and not really inclined to do anything anyway 'cos having a lay down in the garden is a much better idea than doing something energetic!

Our walk along The Sea Wall was, 'Gentle', no running or woofing or fighting or getting lost!

There was one owner with a dog, sitting on the beach, waiting for the boats to come along for the big flotilla that is planned for the weekend, but there was nothing in sight, just like yesterday. So he's got a long wait!

Old Two Legs had a look at the works email and decided that working inside was not very exciting or profitable, so, out he went into the garden to carry on with the 'Pond'!

Getting There!
He has finished going down and is now going 'Sideways' to get rid of the grass and weeds. The plastic sheet is to stop any more grass growing where he has  dug up the grass roots.

Poor OTL, working away at digging up grass roots and pulling up the weeds, we felt exhausted just watching him!

There were a load of twigs on the ground and we wondered where they came from?

Little Twigs from????
Holly spotted a couple of Collared Doves having a cuddle on a wall bracket. They must have been trying to build a nest but the twigs keep falling off the bracket, do you think that's where you get the saying  'Bird Brain' from?

I said I wanted Twigs, not a Cuddle!

We let OTL back in the house for lunch at twelve thirty and then out for a walk at one!

Again we went to The Sea Wall and this time we went up to where they have got the sand hills. We didn't dig any holes but it was fun running up and down the hills!

Skiing down a Sand Hill!
We saw some ships passing and there was one that was very smoky, Holly said that it must be burning old rubber tyres!

S.S. Smoky Sid!

We have got to get all our holiday stuff packed tonight 'cos we are off tomorrow for a few days away in the caravan, let's hope the rain stays away!

Holly and I plan to have a good run on the sandy beach and dig some 'BIG' holes, bigger than OTL's pond!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly