Wednesday, 22 August 2012

We are in the Naught Corner!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

Today, we were off with Old Two Legs on our own as The Missus wanted to watch some card making program on the TV! She doesn't really like splashing around in the surf like we do!

We left the camp site and woofed at a couple of German Shepherd dogs, they were from Germany, so we reckon they should be called German German Shepherd Dogs, I suppose that is a bit like the Not Nots!

Off we went with OTL down to our local big beach, as soon as OTL had the car stopped and the door open we were off!

Straight after the rabbits!

OTL was not a 'Happy Bunny' 'cos we went onto the road and got honked at by a couple of cars, so we were 'in the naughty corner' and we got confined to the lead for the rest of the walk!

In the naughty corner!
 After that we were off to Port Ellen and then up the road to a distillery, one of OTL's favourite places!

Unfortunately, we were not allowed inside, so we had to sit in the car and woof at all the tourist going by!

A bit further up the road we got to that beach we had stopped at a few days ago!

OTL thought it was safe here 'cos the road ended just a hundred yards away and there was no one else around. So, he opened the door and out we flew, not to the beach but to the bracken and gorse bushes to find...........................Rabbits!

It's OK but where are the rabbits!
OTL was not a 'Happy Bunny' again! After all that beach spread out before us and crystal clear sea lapping gently on the sand, where were we?

Up to our tails in boggy water and mud looking for rabbits!

OTL finally caught up with us and we were 'In The Naughty Corner' again!

You know he threw the ball in the sea so I would chase it but he kept us both on the lead so I would drag Holly in with me! That way, we both got a wash so we didn't pong so much and the mud was washed off our legs!

Back to the car for a towel down and inspection for ticks!

We then sat in the car, using it for a hide so that we could look at the eagles over the hills. Trouble was, the eagles had stayed in bed and Holly and me fell asleep with the boredom!

Off we went, back to the caravan where TM was still playing with her stamps and ink, so we had to be good puppies while OTL was talking to one of his customers, but only on the promise that we could go out on the football field for a run after!

Doggy Scoff tonight but not to worry, we know OTL and TM have got steak and of course we will help them eat it!

See you tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


McDaisy & Mac Holly