Friday, 6 June 2014

Summers Here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Wot a super day. It has been sunshine all day and Old Two Legs is getting near to the bottom of the pile of paperwork he has been playing with ever since we came back off holiday!

He was up early today but by the time the ferrets had spent time running around the house we didn't get out until a bit past our normal time.

You know, that almost worked to our advantage 'cos the rabbits had decided we were not going to be out today, but we tricked them! 

Fooled Ya!
Well, we nearly had them!

We also found a sniff that was gorgeous! It came from a super big woofer in prime breeding condition and both Holly and I thought he was Super Fit!
Now, this one is fit!
We're certainly going to keep a look out for this lad!

Down on the beach Holly and I had a great game of 'Chase' and we even started to dig a hole until Holly said she wanted to just have a rest and catch a ray or two!

It's just too hot to work!
There was a slight breeze which kept blowing my hair about and of course, just when OTL pressed the shutter release, the wind blew and.........

Miss Snowflake was having a game of 'Chase' all of her own. She kept on sneaking up to Mr Brambles and giving his ear a lick!

It's a ferrets way of being affectionate but Mr Brambles was too interested in the sniffs to be bothered with a soppy girl!

Stand still and Gissa Lick!
 All the new grass growing has set off OTL's hay fever again. Poor lad, he looks right miserable and when he sneezes, he sounds like an elephant!

Was that an Elephant or OTL?
 Holly was up to her normal tricks, sniffing the breeze and today she said she could tell they had put a new lump of Kebab Meat on the cooker 'cos she could sniff the change in the herbs!

It's a new Kebab!
 Back home it was Ox Heart, fresh from the butchers, followed by a snooze!

We left OTL to get on with his work and we reckon that he has a little bit more to do tomorrow and then he will be up to date.

Once that happens, he will spend more time with us!

See you tomorrow and watch out for the thunder and lightening!


Daisy, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.