Saturday, 12 October 2013

Saturday with Old Two Legs.

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly,  Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Today it's The Missus's Master Class and the stuff she has to take to the village hall gets bigger and bigger every time! Today there was almost no room for her to sit in the car with us and Old Two Legs would have suggested she walk up to the Village Hall but he was too scared of getting told off!

OTL was up early this morning so he could get his half an hour of sploshing around the office on the rowing machine before loading up the car. You know, he is getting better and faster, this morning he managed 973 strokes in thirty minutes, a new record for him!

Holly reckons that is 32.4 strokes a minute! If he keeps up this rate he will soon get to the magical 1000 stokes in half an hour which we know is his target and if you look at the count, that is only another stroke per minute to get to that figure!

Mr Brambles said he was joining in with the rowing by exercising his neck by watching OTL as he whizzed back and forth. On the other hand Snowflake kept her head down and carried on snoozing!

We all went out for out walk this morning and enjoyed jumping in the puddles left over from last night and we even managed to chase a rabbit or two along the path before they disappeared into the brambles.

Back home we had a super big bowl of Lambs Heart and some of OTL's beef off cuts from his curry that TM was making for him yesterday. She brews up several gallons of curry and then freezes it in meal sized portions and OTL reckons it tastes brilliant!

Come lunch time we got the command from TM to do a 'Royal Visit' to the Village Hall to say 'hello' to all our fans and a couple who said they weren't into ferrets! It was OK, Snowflake and Mr Brambles said they weren't hungry and didn't bite anyone!

Mr Brambles got a cuddle and Snowflake got stroked, I had my picture taken and even heard Archie doing his 'Sniveling' act!

Holly did a quick rush around the hall to see if there were any sandwiches left over but they all gone!

However, she did spot a Cheese Roll being eaten, so she sat down next to Margaret and did her 'Hairy Eyeball' stare and although it took about five minutes to get a result, at least she did get a result!

Go On, Gissa Bit?
Archie's Mum presented us with some real posh looking chews, one each, and Holly is certainly not getting mine! So a big thank you and licky ears to you!

Next we were off to the Sea Wall again and had a good run down there, chasing a couple of rabbits. Snowflake said she was tired and stayed in OTL's arms for the 'Outward Journey', having a snooze until we reached the sandy beach, well as near as we are going to get to sandy this end of the world!

OTL put Snowflake down and again she tried the 'Pick Me Up Daddy' bit but it was as successful as the attempt this morning!

Back home we all crashed out on the sofa, well, OTL and us doggies, the ferrets had a feed and went to sleep in their bed, all cuddled up together.

Because we had the ferrets with us today OTL didn't take the camera out with him, so you will have to forgive us today!

We'll make sure there is more pictures tomorrow, promise!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles