Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Day to Stay In Bed!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You can tell Winter is on it's way, all the Two Legs are wrapped up in scarves and hats and thick coats!

It was rather drafty down on the beach but that didn't stop Miss Snowflake from trying to get us all to play a game!

She said that we should all try walking backwards towards the sea and see who is the last one not to run away when the waves come crashing in!

Yeah, right!

As Mr Brambles said.............

Yer on yer own Snowy!
 Mr Brambles tried out his Ferret Stare again on Old Two Legs and again loads of things happened, like the carpet rolled up in one corner and the cage door slammed shut and the TV changed channels!

Look Deep Into My Eyes!
But, OTL hung onto his Rabbit Food and Mr B didn't even get a sniff until OTL had finished and there was the normal spoon full left to share between Snowflake and Brambles!

So much for the power of the Ferret Stare!

We didn't see any of the normal gang out along The Sea Wall on our morning or lunchtime walk, too cold for them!

Lunchtime Holly and I spent most of our time running about, just to keep warm!

Race you up The Hill!

 Now, you all know that The Missus is known as The Fabulous Eileen Godwin, or, Old Inky Fingers?

Well, she reckons that she is some sort of wonderful designer and card maker!

Now, what worries us is that as Christmas is getting close we would have expected her to have made up a load of Super Duper Christmas Cards for all her mates and the family.

No way!

She serves us up with Doggy Scoff and tells us to 'Have a Look' all OTL's photos and pick one out she can make into a card!

So much for being a 'Design Queen'!

We spent all afternoon going through the files on the computer and came up with three that are our favourites and then we had to come up with just one!

It was difficult, in fact it was terribly hard but in the end we decided on one that sort of summed up all that Christmas should be.

Now, no peeking but your not getting to see that one until Christmas, however, I will show you what came second!

Do we look good or wot!
We have told Inky that we don't want any of her stamps or Brusho Splodges over the final card! No messing with OTL's masterpiece!

Now, we're off to see what is for dinner 'cos that Doggy Scoff is awful and we're sure she wouldn't serve it up for OTL!

Or would she?

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.