Saturday, 27 October 2012

We've Seen The Snow Fairy!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy & Holly!

Guess who woke Old Two Legs up last night, Three Times!!!

Well, I was getting bored with the Night Time Guarding Duty and decided to ask OTL where we were going on holiday next year.

So, I jumped up onto the bed and snuggled down on his pillow and proceeded to lick the top of his bald head and ask where I was going on holiday.

OTL mumbled something about the local kennels and told me to .....ugger Off!

I just love his sense of humour!

OTL put our coats on this morning before going out for a walk, not because it was raining but because it was cold and windy, very windy!

Still White Water!
 Looking towards Southend on Sea, where the wind was coming from!

Holly running into the Wind!
 Holly did her 'Speed Sniffin' trick again but this time she had a go at running for even faster Sniffin!

 This morning it was a clear blue sky but the sea was very Cold and Grey and not inviting!

No swimming today!
As we got to the part of our walk where we turn around to go back, Holly says, 'Listen!'

Then from out of the air we could hear 'Yoooo Hoooo Girliessss'!

Yes, it was Barney!

He had got a new ball and wanted to show it off 'cos it was two colours!

He couldn't stay long 'cos he was going the other way and had his mate with him, so we said good bye and carried on our walk.

Hey Girls, look at my new ball!
 Getting close to the car we saw the Local Birdwatchers hiding behind the bushes, hiding from the wind, wimps!

I see no birds!
 Back home we had our brush and a sniff at the Doggy Scoff The Missus offered us, Yuk!

So, off to bed but before we do, a quick run around the garden to check out any new sniffs. We were head down investigating a hedgehog trail when all of a sudden, it landed on my nose.

A Snow Flake!

OK, I know it was a small one and there wasn't very many of them but it was definitely a snow flake.

The Snow Fairy Has Come Back!

I reckon that we are in for some real fun if it carries on, claws crossed!

Lunch time came and out we went again, after mugging a bit of OTL's lunch! It was still blowing a gale but the sun had come out and the Snow Fairy had cleared off up North.

The tide was trying to go out but the wind kept blowing it back, which seriously upset the sea birds 'cos they were trying to get a meal before it got too dark to see!

In, Out, In, Out!
We saw a Daddy and Son looking out to sea and we said hello as we passed, the little boy said that Holly was a friendly dog.

We didn't tell him that she was only checking him out for sandwiches!

See that, it's wet!

We met up with a Westie on a lead, I went up to him and woofed a 'Hello' but he must have got the wrong message 'cos he went potty with the woofing and jumping up, then he started on Holly but she told him to 'Get A Tail'!

Daft Dog!
 Now these coats that OTL got for us are really super smart but to hold the back from flapping around there are some elastic straps that go under our legs and while they are new, OTL says that they may be a bit tight!

A bit Tight? There are times when I think it must be easier to hop along on three legs! Holly has been working on stretching the elastic by bending her knees. I'm not sure if that will work but she does look funny when she does it! 

Look, it's getting easier!
Still no sign of the Snow Fairy, so we have spent the afternoon watching the birds in the garden.

OTL is off early tomorrow as his work today got put back 'cos the stuff he needs didn't get delivered until lunch time, too late to do anything today!

So, TM will be taking us out tomorrow, that should be fun!

Looking at the weather forecast for the south of the U.S.A. we reckon Mike and Sue should keep their heads down and stay away from the seaside!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly