Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Traumatic Trip Home!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly and Snowflake here!

Have we got a tale to tell!

You remember we went and said Bye Bye to everyone on Mull, well, we went to bed early 'cos we were supposed to be up at six in the morning, ready for a seven thirty departure from the camp site.

It was about three in the morning that I could feel a tick gnawing away at my arm pit, in fact it was not very nice at all. So I woke Old Two Legs up and between us we worked out what was wrong. He got the 'Tick Tools' out and I started to get very nervous 'cos that tick was in a very sensitive spot!

Every time Old Two Legs got close to getting the tick, I lost it and jumped up and legged it down the other end of the caravan!

It took three hours before I got brave enough and OTL got lucky enough and the tick got flushed down the loo!

By then it was six and it was packing up time!

One good thing, OTL managed to get a 'Sunrise' shot!

Sunrise over the camp site.
Off we went to the ferry and down to Gretna Green. OTL was not a happy puppy and said that he was looking forward to an 'Early Night'.

No chance!

We got into Gretna and parked the caravan and as we were going off to get a Chinese Meal, the cars dash lit up with warning signs telling us the ABS and EPS were inoperative, what ever they were!

So, the next morning we got the car into the local dealer who fixed the problem and took loads of money off OTL.

OTL was not a Happy Puppy!

So, instead of leaving at seven and arriving home by three, we didn't leave until two and didn't get back until nine thirty!

OTL said he was tired, very tired and was not going to sit up and let us play on the computer, he was off to bed!

So, that was it, I missed out on the blog, for the first time in three years, sorry!

Today we went down to the Sea Wall and enjoyed all the sniffs, old and new!

Catching up on the Sniffs!

The sea was a bit grubby, all the foam looked like it could do with a good wash!

Mucky Foam!
As soon as we got back, we got a brush and another 'Tick Inspection' and I reckon we will have some close inspecting for the next few day, just in case!

After the brushing, OTL was off to pick up Snowflake.

When he got there she was in her hammock having a snooze and was all 'snoozy', so when she heard OTL all she could do was give him a lick on the hand as he gave her a cuddle!

It was into her travelling cage for the trip home and she picked up a bit when she saw Holly and me!

Once her home had been erected and her toys, new and old were inside, OTL allowed her out onto the office floor for a run around.

It was only when OTL got out the cushion from one of her beds did it suddenly click that she was home again. She suddenly jumped up and down, rolling over onto her back and grabbing the cushion in her claws and then giving it a good shaking! All the time she was chuckling away, in fact, laughing her head off.

Snowflake was glad to be back!

A slurp of Ferretone also helped and for the rest of the day she had been playing with her new squeaky balls OTL brought her as a present.

At the moment she is curled up, inside her travelling cage, (we put that in her cage as a change) with her toys inside and she is curled up in a 'Doughnut' with the hand towels she uses as 'Mobile Bedding' pulled up over her head!

It's Good to be Home!
So, here we are, glad to be back again but looking forward to the next adventure.

The New Forest or Norfolk?

Decisions, Decisions!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Still snoozing!)