Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday and not rain until later!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Wot a Super Day today! No rain, no Cold and Long Walks! Well in the morning anyway!

It makes a change to feel the sun on your back even if there is a small breeze blowing as well!

We went down to the Sea Wall and met up with a new doggy, his name is Bobby and he is a show off!

Well he doesn't get let off the lead much and doesn't get to meet other dogs off the lead, so, he doesn't know all the signals.

Like, Tail Sniffin and 'Chase' and not to show off unless you are good at it!

First of all he took Holly by surprise and got a quick Woof for his troubles, then he tried showing off and got told wot by Holly!

Look! I can stand on my front Paws!
Still, I suppose that if you don't know the rules you will make a Plonker of yourself!

We saw Mr Corvid looking for some snails, he said that after all that rain the snails and worms should be floating on the grass!

Mr Corvid Hunting Snails.
Holly reckons the snails are crunchy to eat but taste a bit funny plus they are not good for us dogs 'cos they got wormy things that could turn us blind!

On our way back to the car we met up with Vinny, now here is another dog that doesn't get off the lead much and also gets too excited when he does!

He got the Short Shrift from me and a Woof with Snap from Holly! He's pretty harmless really and we ended up having a game of 'Chase' before running off to chase rabbits!

Driving back Old Two Legs suddenly drove off the side of the road and wound down the car window. We thought it was a 'Troublesome Thing' that was about to attack us, so both Holly and I rushed to the window, stood on OTL's lap and set up our 'Defensive Woofing Barrier'.

OTL was struggling to get his camera in between us woofin puppies then started to take pictures!

We couldn't at first see what he was snapping at, then we saw it, a Hen Harrier flying over the marsh looking for food!

Boring or Wot!

Marsh Harrier!
Back home for a brush, breakfast and a snooze in the back garden in the sun!

Lunch time we were down The Forest again searching for Squirrels and Jays. We found a few squirrels and even saw a couple of Jays but neither of them hung around to pass the time of day with us!

Mr Jay in the Tree Tops!

Holly and I got a good running start on one squirrel.

It got away, but only just, it turned left and we turned right!

It Gone?
It was good fun, and the sun was still shining down, so we have our paws crossed for sun shine for the rest of the week!

That was until late this afternoon. We had to get some stuff down to the carriers late afternoon, so, off we went with OTL and then on the way home, we stopped at the Sea Wall for a last bit of a run before going to bed.

Guess what? It started to rain again! It started slowly and then got worse and wetter and windy!

We even had to cut our run short, just to get out of the rain!

Then to make things worse, we got an email from the caravan site owner saying it would be too wet for caravans this weekend, so our booking was cancelled!

Holly and I will now have to sit down and work out a cunning plan to get The Missus and OTL out for day time visits to interesting places!

I wonder if Mr Goodes has got Internet access in the hospital? If he has, a big get well soon woof from both Holly and me, and Barney as well!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly