Thursday, 24 March 2011

Super Sun Shiny Day

Hi All,

Daisy & Holly back with another glimpse of our little world.

Holly and I are just having a great time now the sun is shining all day, it certainly makes you feel good. Warm sun making everything grow in the garden and the earth is just the right consistency for digging, providing The Missus doesn't catch you!

We went out for our midday walk with Old Two Legs and because the sun has been warm and dried up most of the puddles, we went to The Woods! We haven't been there for a while so there were loads of new sniffs to catch up on.
New Sniffs here!
I reckoned that a Badger had been sitting on this bench having his lunch a couple of days ago, Holly said that his cubs had been playing on the other side of the log!

Our doggy noses are much better than yours at sniffin you see!

Super Sniffer Holly!

We then used the log to look out for Forest Monsters but we didn't see any, just OTL trying to creep up on a Wren who spotted him and told him off for creeping up behind her!

Watching OTL.

The paths were all clear of puddles, which pleased OTL 'cos he doesn't like muddy paws in his car.

In the woods we saw loads of Daffodils in bloom, they are a sure sign Spring is here!

Spring Daffodils
We met a couple of other dogs out for a walk but they were on leads and could not have a game of 'chase' with us, so we were left to our own games. One game is 'Shove her off the Log'. It's a game where one of us is at the top of the log or tree of bench or whatever.

The other one has to try to push the other off.

We get into all sorts of trouble when we push the other one off especially if she has hold of the other ones collar!

Well, I thought I had it sorted out this time, Holly was on top, showing off as normal, but I crept up and instead of pushing her off, I pushed the log over! She was all legs and tail as she tried to stay on top, no chance, I had got her good and proper this time!

Going, going, gotcha!

One up for Daisy this time!

Let's hope the sunshine keep going all week.

See you tomorrow for some more fun and games.


Daisy & Holly