Thursday, 14 April 2011

TM is coming back and we are clean and smelling sweet just for her!

Hello Everyone,

D&H here!

We had a great time last night, Old Two Legs said that as The Missus is coming home on Wednesday, we could have a bit of a party!

So, we got out the nibbles and some of the chicken strips and a few beef strips and the chocolaty buttons and the mini Rawhide Chews.

We then sat on the sofa and sang songs and told jokes and had a laugh about the Not Not Neddies. OTL got out his 'sipping whisky' and the short bread that Jacqui sent him.

We even had OTL singing a song about The Calico Printers Daughter, which he said was famous, or was it infamous!

By the time we went to bed (very late) all the shortbread had gone as had most of the nibbles, but the Sipping Whisky was still safe in the decanter, well half of it anyway!

We all had big bellies and fell asleep in no time. Needless to say, we over slept this morning!

After a run around The Fields, OTL gave us both a brush, to make us look good for when TM comes back, and we retired to our day bed for a snooze after breakfast.

Breakfast was Doggy Food again, we were not too happy about that and only had a nibble. Just enough to stop our tummies rumbling!

Our Lunch Time walk was an 'Adventure' all in it's self. We went for a walk along he Sea Defence Wall and on the beach, 'cos the tide was out, I mean right out. Well I was going along enjoying the sniffs when, all of a sudden, and without any warning, I stepped into a big soft, wet, mucky, muddy patch, right up to my knees!

Mucky Paws!
 It was all smelly and squishy and it stuck to my fur as well and got in-between my claws.

OTL called me a mucky puppy and that I was going to get a foot bath when we got home. So, I thought, might as well make the most of this!

A little bit later as we had turned inland to go home, I found this enormous pile of super smelly poo.

Yep, that's right, I had a little roll in it. It was so good, I went back for another roll!

OTL had wandered off in front so he could not see what I was doing, so, I had another roll!

By now, Holly had arrived on the scene, she thought it was a good sniff as well, so she had a roll in it, then just like me, she had another roll!

We did not go near OTL even though he was calling us, we chased each other around all over the place.

Finally we had to go to OTL to have out leads put on so we could get through the car park and back to the car.

He was not a happy OTL, he called us 'disgusting' and 'smelly' and 'A right pair of Pongo's'

We sort of knew we were in for a bath when we got back, 'cos all the way home we were tied to the loops in the back of the car and we weren't allowed on the seats!

Yep, we were washed, rinsed, dried and sent to the naughty corner, (our day bed).

We stayed there and had an afternoon snooze until TM came back.

Oh, were we pleased to see her, we licked her and jumped up for a cuddle for at least five minutes, then we ran around in circles in the front room woofing all over the place!

As a present, TM gave us a carrot each, Holly is really into carrots and was absolutly delighted, me, I can take them or leave them but I did have a chew to show my appreciation!

An super end to a super day!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly