Friday, 28 December 2012

Snowflake the Ferret and Us!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy Holly and Snowflake here!

We thought you would like that!

Well, rain, rain and more rain and puddles everywhere! That includes Snowflake as well, she has been poo'ing and wee'ing, well at least five times since she has arrived! It is a good job that she keeps to one corner of the shower for her ablutions, it makes it easier for Old Two Legs to clear it up.

If she has to stay any longer we can see OTL getting a tray and some 'Cat Litter' to save him all the work!

We went for our morning stroll and met up with Lilly, that young Rottweiler and we told her about Snowflake but she didn't seem too interested as she has never seen one before!

Where is Holly?
 Half way through the walk Holly disappeared, I mean, like gone! We couldn't see her anywhere and no matter how much we called!

After a while we found her, 'Look' she said 'I am sure I can sniff another Ferret!

Look, a Ferret Sniff'!
I had a sniff and confirmed it as 'Rat Sniffins'!

 Back home the day seemed to revolve around watching Snowflake jumping and snoozing and eating and poo'ing and wee'ing and biting OTL when he is not careful when he picks her up!

This is better than Television!
It was fun watching her have a clean up 'cos she seems to be able to get to bits of her body while tied up in knots!

A Knotty Clean Up!
 It was then that we spotted the dreaded signs, Ticks!

 That was it, Doctor OTL went and got his tools and set about removing every tick he could find. He got up to forty nine before deciding that there were some still between the eyes (very small Ticks) which he really needed expert help with, plus there was some sort of crud behind the ear he was not sure of and his eyesight wasn't good enough to identify!

So, a phone call to the vet and an appointment made for five forty!

Holly and I have decided that OTL can go on his own!

Ticks? Wot Ticks!

 We spent a little time telling Snowflake all about the Vets and how OTL cries when he comes out of there and she has got to be brave and not bite OTL any more.

However, she can bite the vet, just for us!

Biting the vet is good, OK?
 We'll let you know later how Snowflake got on.

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly and Snowflake!

Well, she didn't bite the vet and OTL got all cocky thinking that she was going to be all cuddly, so he stuck his finger by the carrier box to brush her nose, then she bit him again!

Will he ever learn?

The vet shoved some drops onto Snowflakes back to get rid of Ticks, Worms and fleas and OTL has to take her back in ten days time to get her checked up on Ticks etc!

Guess what? The Missus is talking about keeping Snowflake!

Bye bye for now.