Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Smelly Nelly's and a Pongy Pooch!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

What a fun day today! We started off this morning getting into deep poo, literally, you see as we were mooching our way  along The Sea Wall, as we do, we came across a big pile of Super Smelling Poo!

Old Two Legs was a bit ahead of us and didn't see the interest we were taking into this pile! Instead he was looking up into the sky at the clouds and waving the camera about.

Morning Clouds
So, there I was, having a sniff, then Holly had a sniff, then I took two steps backwards, woofed 'Wheeee' and dived forwards, onto my back and straight into the pile!

I had a good wriggle around and waved my legs about as well!

Then it was Holly's turn, she just sniffed, put her head down and rolled straight over onto her back and did the wriggle move as well!

Holly having a Wriggle!
It was then that OTL spotted us and came roaring down the path towards us. 'I think we are in trouble' says Holly, getting a last wriggle in before OTL arrived!

The Long March Back.
Well, that was it, we were marched off back to the car and told to Sit and STAY! 

All the way home OTL had the window open 'cos he couldn't stand the sniff!

Dunno why, it sniffed OK to us!

A telephone call to The Missus on the way back meant that a big bowl of warm water and Doggy Shampoo was waiting for our return!

We were called Smelly Nelly's and Pongy Pooches and although we both got washed and bathed from nose to Tail Tip, I think it was worth it!

It's a Doggy Thing you see!

Well, the lunch time walk was better! We went down to The New Park and I worried OTL into getting the ball out for a game and he threw it down the hill and after it I went!

While I was running around I suddenly get the feeling I should find me somewhere to hide while I did my business 'cos you see, I don't like to do it in the open! Also it is fun watching OTL trying to pick it all up from between the clumps of grass!

Well, while OTL was doing his job of clearing up after me, I found a pile of Super Smelling Poo, I just couldn't resist it and I had a roll, a small roll, but a roll all the same.

OTL saw me, then he saw Holly heading towards it..............................you know he can be really loud when he barks out 'NO!

So, Holly didn't get a roll but I did, but it wasn't too much this time but I still was called a Pongy Pooch and had to have a wash when I got back home!

We met up with loads of other doggies as we went around. First there was this little Scruff Bag who was not too sure how to react when we gave him the 'Doggy Welcome Sniff' and he called out to his owner 'Are they allowed to do this?'

'Are they allowed to do this?'
 Holly met up with Billy from the Rescue Centre who was still having trouble coming back when called, so he had to stay on a long lead! We had a chase and a sniff but he had to stay on the lead!

We wished him a Merry Christmas and off we went again!

Merry Christmas Billy!
 Then we came across a couple of three month old Jack Russel pups, Holly thought they were sweet and cuddly, I thought they were just too noisy!

Holly said that they were quick learners 'cos she showed one the first couple of steps of the Doggy Trot Dance and had him doing it in the middle of the path!

Do Do The Doggy Trot!

 Blow me down if we didn't bump into another three month old puppy, but this one was a lot bigger!

This one was a Husky Puppy and he said that he was having loads of fun and walks and super food and he had lots of toys to play with!

He sometimes missed his brothers and sisters but as he had a good soft bed to sleep in it wasn't too bad now.

He said that he wants to grow up to be big, just like his Dad and looking at his paws, we reckon he will get his wish!

I'm going to be a big dog when I get older!

Well, back home it was the wash tub again for me and now I have been washed in Doggy Shampoo twice in a day, I smell terrible, like a field of flowers!

OTL will get seriously mugged tonight to make up for all this washing, just wait and see!

OK, I'm off to see what is for dinner, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly