Friday, 31 January 2014

More Developments from Snowy Heights!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake, Twinkle and Mr Brambles here again!

First of all, I think it was a bit much that the vet made Old Two Legs cry but as OTL says, 'They're in the game to make money' and OTL was thinking of the ferrets well being first. Mind you, OTL has a long memory and if the vet ever wanted to by some radio communication equipment.................?

Enough of controversy, there is more exciting things to tell you!

OTL rolled out of bed a bit late this morning and staggered into the office for him morning paddle, sat down on the rowing machine and started to paddle. Three and a quarter minutes later he had to give it up 'cos both Holly and I ran in and gave him our 'Good Morning Lick' on his nose. Then Both Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake started to rattle on the cage door, and, on top of that, Miss Twinkle was up and rattling her cage door as well!

Holly and I dived off down stairs to see what The Missus was doing while OTL decided what to do.

What he did was, firstly, he let Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake out onto the floor. Then he got the 'Adventure playground out and spread it over the floor.

Then he got Miss Twinkle out of her cage and put her on the floor!

Well, it was some fast moving ferrets ducking and diving in and out of the boxes and loads of sniffing going on. Miss Twinkle snapped at Miss Snowflake, no harm done, Mr Brambles climbed onto Miss Twinkles back in a show of pseudo sexual dominance! I say pseudo 'cos his nick name is Mr No Nuts!

Miss Twinkle got the message 'cos she let go with a very strong sniff that OTL said sniffed something like a strong urine. There was no poo on the floor and the boxes had a very small puddle of wee on them. OTL wasn't too sure about that but thinks it could have been a ferret signal that said 'I'm not in season, I'm a bit scared and Keep yer Nose Away!'

After that, there was loads of running, hiding, sniffing, licking Ferretone bottle cap and running to OTL for a cuddle. (Miss Snowflake mainly!)

OTL got most of this on video and if he can get it edited today we will attach it to the blog about now!

Miss Twinkle was put back in her cage while us and the ferrets went out for our morning walk. The ferrets were tickled to be out again and Miss Snowflake even fell into a puddle that was deeper than she thought it was!

Back home and OTL put them all together again and things settled down for 'Morning Snooze' until we went out again for our lunch time stroll.

OTL took a picture of them snoozing but we did notice that they don't cuddle up yet. Miss Snowflake has decided to sleep on the hammock, Mr B is in his place on the cushion and Twinkle is underneath the cushion!

In time they will sort it all out!

Now, OTL is trying to load up a video, so, while you are waiting, here is a photo we took earlier!

In Time, Maybe!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake, Twinkle and Mr Brambles

Thursday, 30 January 2014

OLT's in tears again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles here!

Well, another day of fun and excitement!

Yesterday evening, Old Two Legs was clearing out the cages and ended up with Snowflake and Mr Brambles running around the office floor creating mayhem, as usual! Miss Twinkle was put into Snowy Heights so she could have a 'Sniff' of her future living quarters, if all goes well!

Now, Snowy Heights has two floor levels and a door in both levels, the top door was locked after Miss Twinkle was placed in there but OTL forgot to shut the bottom door.

Miss Snowflake spotted this mistake and as Miss Twinkle descended from the upper floor, she was met by Miss Snowflake who had come back in for a wee.

Well, first there was 'Sniffing', then Miss Twinkle did a quick snap at Miss Snowflake and Miss Snowflake took exception and the pair ended up in a 'Ferret Ball' on the floor with a couple of bits of fur flying in the air before OTL managed to separate them!

So much for the 'First Encounter' but as OTL says, as long as there is no blood, or fear pooing then they will have to sort out the hierarchy themselves!

Next time I think the office floor may be the best 'Sparring Ground', at least OTL will be able to get to them if there is any squealing!

Wake me when it's 'Round Two'!
This morning it was raining again and down on the Sea Wall we reckon there is just as much water on the paths as there is in the sea!

The ferrets stayed at home, we got wet, OTL got wet and we left the camera at home!

Miss Twinkle and OTL headed off to the vets where he stabbed Miss Twinkle with the needle. You know what? She didn't even flinch when he did that! Maybe it was the Ferretone that OTL was feeding Miss Twinkle that did the trick!

The vet agreed with OTL that Miss Twinkle was six months to a year old 'cos it is difficult to tell the age of a ferret, all you have to go on is the condition of their teeth and their general appearance.

So, January 27th is Miss Twinkles birthday and next year she will be two years old!

When OTL got back home, he was sniffing and sobbing, poor lad had just opened his wallet again at the vets and they have taken all his money, again!

Lunch time we were out down the beach and it was still raining, but not very much! I thought that it may be a good idea if I went for a swim, well, let's face it, I could be wet in or out of the water!

OTL, Can I go for a swim?
OTL didn't agree with me and said it would be too cold and he didn't fancy a wet dog sitting in his car on the way home!

I must admit, I stamped my paws a showed off a bit!

I Wanna Go Swimin!
 Still didn't do me any good though! To make up for it, Holly and I had a race along the beach and up the stairs, you know what?

She beat me. Just?

Holly wins by a paw!
We met up with William and Bentley and as normal, William was all over OTL. He said that he was going to change his name to something really cool.

Instead of William he was going to be called 'Will-I-Woz'!

You can imagine, Holly and I almost fell on our tails from laughing and  William had a mischievous grin on his face as well!
Will-I-Woz, the Cool Dude!
Back home Miss Twinkle was getting to grips with the SAS Sleeping Bag (Steal And Stash!). It was funny watching her 'cos she started off curled up in a ball when OTL put her in the bag, then she would give a little wriggle and her head would fall out, then a bit later her shoulders were falling out and then after that, the rest of her fell out in a big heap on the cage floor!

Falling out of bed, slowly!
 She said that the Distemper Injection made her sleepy but as Holly said, 'Everything makes a Ferret Sleepy!'

I'll just have another five minutes!
OTL is busy doing some engineering in the bath room 'cos the shower needs some attention, we all reckon it's because he uses it too much, I mean, Every Morning is a bit much, us dogs can go for three months between our appointment with the Poodle Parlour!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Miss Twinkle Arrives!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles here!

Yes, you are correct, there is a new name in the list!

Well, let's tell you what happened today.

We got up as normal and looked out of the window, it was raining, in fact pouring down, so both ferrets went back to bed saying that we are 'On Our Own!' Once we got down there it wasn't too bad and we completed our business and headed back to home and 'Doggy Scoff'!

That was it, we showed off and retired to our beds in Old Two Legs office for a snooze and to get the damp out of our hair.

About half way through the morning OTL got a telephone call from The Vet, which normally means they are reminding him our injections, worming tablets or something else is due!

This time it was different. The vets said that they had a young ferret handed in to them yesterday and it had been found hiding under some dog kennels. Not a safe place for a ferret!

It was described as being 'Young' and 'Hadn't Nipped Anyone', yet! Could OTL look after it and try to find the owner?

Well, you know what OTL's like, a big softy where animals are concerned and off he went carrying the 'Traveling Cage' down to the vets.

A little later he was back and we all went up to the office to have a look at our new 'Four Legs'.

Mr Brambles was fast asleep and wasn't waking up for anyone!

Miss Snowflake was very interested in the 'New Girl' and had a good sniff and even got to 'Touch Noses'!

Come on, Let's see your Tail!
The new ferret couldn't remember her name and was obviously a bit scared, all this new sniffs and strange noises and other ferrets and Woofers!

Sorry, I can't remember my name!
We decided that she must have a name, so we all had a go at suggestions. OTL wanted a name that reflected her character, Snowflake suggested 'Number Three' but we all thought didn't fit her at all. Holly wanted to call her 'Edible' but then again Holly is always guided by her tummy and that suggestion was dismissed!

Then The Missus suggested Twinkle 'cos she looked like a 'Little Star'.

That was it, we all decided that was a good name, so, allow me to introduce .........

Miss Twinkle!
Now we have looked through the books and have decided that she is a 'Black Sable' which means that she has a mask across her eyes and although she is very dark brown, her hair turns black at the end. Unlike Mr Brambles, (who is still asleep), his mask is very faint and he is a sandy brown, which I suppose could be classed as a Brown Sable but we have always called him a Sandy colour!

So, at the moment, OTL has reported her to the 'Lost Property' section of the local police station, just in case she is reported as 'missing' and of course, the vet has her on their books as staying with OTL, so if the owner makes enquiries, they will be pointed to OTL.

Tomorrow, OTL is taking her back to the vet's for an injection against Canine Distemper which is a killer and especially as Holly and I are Woofers! We don't want her to give it to us and we wouldn't want to give it to her!

Now, the best part of today, so far, has been silly OTL. You see, we are all going coo, coo over Miss Twinkle and she is looking out the side of the cage at everything that was going on.

OTL, reaches down to pick something up off the floor and just manages to rest his nose against the bars of the cage, Miss Twinkle, being a young and fast ferret, thinks, 'This is Fun Time' and gives OTL a nip on the end of his nose!

Well, OTL's skin is not as tough as a ferrets and of course before he could do anything else, Miss Twinkle had drawn blood!

You know, we haven't had the sniff of TCP for ages, it reminds us of the time when Snowflake first turned up here and took a liking to OTL!

I think we have all now taken a liking to Miss Twinkle, even OTL!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Snowflake gets a Present!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

This morning was still as cold but the sun was out and that always makes us feel better. Old Two Legs had brought the Ferret Bag and Miss Snowflake & Mr Brambles were playing games inside the bag!

First they did the 'Are We There Yet?' Then there was the 'High Speed Eye Spy' game.

Then we heard a lot of giggling and it seems that after OTL had cut their claws yesterday, every time they stand on each other, it tickles, hence the giggling!

No, Don't, It Tickles!
As we were walking down the path to the beach young Arthur came tearing up to us looking for a game. He was so excited to see us that we sometimes wonder if he is allowed to mix with other dogs!

Of course, he loves OTL and is always running up for and ear tickle before chasing us again!

Don't mind if I 'Mark' this spot?
Down on the beach, Miss Snowflake headed down to the water and stopped, the waves were a lot bigger than yesterday and the water looked a bit colder!

She stood there for a moment or two then turned around and headed back to OTL!

Maybe not today!
 She ran up to his leg and in a flash was sitting on his lap! She is a ferret who knows where the warm places are and OTL's jacket pocket is one of them!

Here I come for a cuddle!
OTL told her she needs to take some exercise and put her back on the ground again, she wasn't too happy about that!

Mr Brambles was playing a game with Holly, what he'd do is to run from one patch of sea weed to another trying to hide from Holly. Every time he got behind a new lump he'd ask, 'Can You See Me?'

Holly looking a bit bored would answer 'Yes, I can still see you!' It didn't stop him from running to the next lump and asking 'Can You See Me?'

How about now, 'Can You See Me?'
Holly reckons there is an ulterior motive behind all the Hiding stuff. She reckons he is looking for a way to creep up on us and bite our tails without being seen!

That is one Potty Ferret!
When Holly got fed up with that game and wandered off looking for sniffs, Mr B came up to me and said he could sniff something on the wind and it was in the rocks somewhere.

Now, you know me, anything for a sniff!

The pair of us were up and down the rocks sniffing and looking but couldn't find the sniff at all, but I will admit, there was something in the air but we just couldn't pin it down!

It's got to be here somewhere!
Mind you, it's good to see that Mr B has stopped chasing us and started chasing sniffs instead, well, most of the time anyway!

Back home to a chicken breakfast and an 'After Meal Chew' that OTL says cleans out teeth, The Missus calls it our 'Pudding'!

Back up to OTL's office and we discover that there are two new balls in the ferrets toy box and they both squeak. Now one of the balls not only squeaks when you smack it with your paw but it squeaks as it is 'Breathing In' after being smacked!

Now this is great, especially as they are different sounding squeaks, the first is high and the second is lower. This drives Snowflake potty and she chases this around all over the office!

Every time she jumps on it there comes the 'Double Squeak' which drives her even more potty!

Of course, when they are back in their cage for feeding and snoozing, we have great fun smacking the ball and that has Snowflake rattling the cage door to join in the fun!

I think she is tickled pink with this new toy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Monday, 27 January 2014

More Bouncing in The Bag!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was a bit windy this morning plus the temperature has dropped a bit, I think we have some cold weather coming!

We got down to the car park and us woofers went for our 'Mooch Around' until Old Two Legs had got the ferrets organised!

Then it was off to the beach with them. Once again they thought it was great fun ride in their new bag and to poke their heads out of the bag and look at the world around them, ask if 'We're There Yet?' then dive back inside!

Are We ................................?
Now, have those ferrets got it sorted or wot?

Down on the beach we saw that the tide was right in and Mr Brambles got all brave and said he was going to have a swim!

Now, I know he likes kicking his water bowl about and splashing the water all over the place but, in the sea?

He started off with a paddle, then he went in a bit deeper and then a wave crept up behind him.

It's Behind You!
 Holly and I had a bit of a chuckle and Mr B said he knew the wave was coming and it was a good job OTL had a hang of the lead!

Miss Snowflake said he was very brave and then she went for a paddle. The next wave wasn't as big as the one that hit Mr Brambles but it did make her backside all wet!

Ooooooh! It makes you want to Wee!
 On the way back to the car, Mr Brambles said he could sniff a sniff on the air and offered to show me where it was. It turned out to be one of his wees he did yesterday and it got mixed up with a Stoats wee!

Come On, It's This Way!
 Lunchtime we went out but as it was raining it was another of those, 'Quick Wee and Back to The Car'

OTL dropped us off and headed off to town to do something or other but when he got back Holly and I could sniff something in the bag he was carrying.

Chicken Fillets!

Oh Wow! Yippee! and WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!

We haven't had them for ages 'cos the doggy shop keeps running out. I suppose it's people like OTL buying up the whole shelf full when he see's them in stock!

Well, we didn't mind him leaving us at home if he comes back with that stuff!

He also got the ferrets a couple of squeaky rubber balls, I pinched one and was 'Splatting' it on the ground with my paw and making it squeak and of course, that woke up Snowflake who then started to rattle the cage door so she could get to the balls!

Poor OTL, it took him ages to get back to installing his new keyboard on the computer. Dead smart it is, even the keys are lit up with blue LED lights!

Holly says it looks just like a Fairground at night!

Claws crossed that Archie has got a new boiler and things are nice and warm for him.

Now, last night, OTL got back and no, he didn't have a big Doggy Bag full of meat and stuff, it seems like the Haggis was so tasty that it was finished off!

But, we had a sniff of OTL and we could sniff another doggy on his clothes, in fact, we had a good sniff and we could sniff one boy doggy and THREE lady dogs!

Well, we just had to know what this was all about and it seems that they are all Poodles and Mable, the eldest is getting on for fifteen years old and has known OTL all her life!

Then there was Betty and Bertie who, OTL said, were woofing at him just for fun!

Finally, there was Tilly, and she is about seven years old and has not had a very good life up to now. She was kept in a cage all the time and was finally 'Rescued' and that's when she 'Fell on her Paws' 'cos although she is blind and hasn't got a tooth in her mouth, she is so well looked after now and has the other three dogs to look after her.

She was sitting on OTL's lap having a cuddle after dinner and that's where he got the sniff on his trousers!

We will be checking up, but knowing OTL, anything to do with us four legs and he's a big softy!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snoozy Sunday.

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today we have no photo's to show you and we have, or Old Two Legs has, a good excuse!

This morning we were out with the new Ferret Bag and it's brilliant!

Both ferrets were put in the bag and they both had their leads attached to their harness, as normal. OTL decided not to attach the built in chains as it would slow down the 'Ferret Extraction' when we got to the beach!

Well, didn't they enjoy the trip! Both ferrets were climbing up and poking their heads out of the top, having a look then diving back down to the bottom to have a quick scratch at the lining, then back up again to see where they were along the path!

Great fun!

Down on the beach, Mr Brambles was first out of the bag and he hit the floor running!

It was a pity we didn't have the camera but OTL has to 'Get Used' to all the leads and carry bags before he works out how he can carry the camera and still have control over all of us at the same time he is taking photos!

Back home Holly said she had a 'Dicky Tummy' and declined the chicken we got for breakfast. I didn't mind 'cos I had a nibble at Holly's before setting about mine!

As OTL and The Missus didn't get back until late last night (a Burns Night!) we were late to bed and in need of a day time snooze!

OTL has been working on the computer, boring work stuff, and TM went out to a class to learn how to make a tarty mirror frame, sort of 'Altered Art' using some road tar or summat like that!

Lunch time it was raining, so, a quick wee and then straight back to the car and home!

Holly and I both cuddled up together under TM's fleece and spent the afternoon snoozing until TM got back.

So, a fun day, with loads of relaxing and I got to eat some of Holly's grub, which is almost unheard of!

With a bit of luck she should be back to normal tomorrow, I reckon it was some of that rabbit poo she was 'Nosing' that did for her!

Mind you, I can't talk, I'm always doing that as well and sometimes I get the 'Wobby Tum' as well!

See you tomorrow and let's keep our claws crossed for some dry weather!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Happy Ferret Day!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You observant Woofers will have noticed that the ferrets have been given their 'Full Title' today and for a very special reason!

After we got back from our walk, a parcel was delivered by The Postman!

We guessed what is was before Old Two Legs opened it up. Yes, The Ferret Bag had arrived!

Dead smart it is to, and of course both ferrets wanted to try it out straight away!

Now this is Good!
 It has a couple of chains inside so you can clip that onto their harness so they don't fall out of the bag!

The inside is all soft and warm and there is a pocket in the front to store nibbles and ferret stuff!

The best is bit is the picture on the front. It's an embroidered picture of a ferret which both ferrets say is a picture of them!

Above and below the picture their names have been embroidered as well, now just how 'Flash' can two ferrets get!

Seriously Flash Embroidery!
Now, you don't often get high class gear off the Internet at very competitive prices but this bag and the Hammock that OTL got are really first class workmanship and made by someone who not only keeps ferrets but fully understands what a ferret needs!

OTL found

Have a look at the site on

Now, we have asked if OTL can find a suitable carry bag for us puppies so we can be carried when we go out!

He said that the best we would get is an old coal sack!

Lunch time we shouted to the ferrets to 'Wake Up' 'cos we wanted to see them in their bag but the pair of them decided to carry on sleeping and let us get on with it!

Down on the beach OTL was messing about with his Depth Of Field calculations again and looking at the result, he's getting better!

1/60 sec F/16 35mm Prime Lens and Hand Held!
 We met up with William and Bentley a couple of Hairy Sheep dogs. Willam, the elder, he is fourteen years old but still looks very fit!

He's fallen in love with OTL, so we couldn't get a good picture of him 'cos all he wanted to do is cuddle OTL!

William giving OTL a cuddle!
Bentley is a 'Rescue Dog' and is now four years old and just getting his confidence, so he was chasing us but keeping an eye of what OTL was doing!

I'm Bentley!
 We hear that Archie Babe is having to cuddle up to his Missus 'cos the boiler has gone pop. Sorry mate, but make sure you get the blanket first and wrap it around yer butt first, then get cuddled!

By the way, take your nibbles into the blanket with you, it saves getting cold if you get peckish!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Ferrets Friday Hunt and Mr Ratty Gone on Holiday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles are here again!

It's been a bit of a mixed day today, it started with us heading down to the beach and we still have to walk through the puddles!

Still Quaggy!
 Mind you, the ferrets were OK, Old Two Legs lets Snowflake ride in his jacket pocket which is the best place to be! Mr Brambles rides along on OTL's arm and snuggles his nose into OTL's beard!

As the beard is not very long Mr Brambles has to keep moving from the beard to OTL's jacket hood trying to get out of the wind!

It's not long before we're on the beach and both ferrets are on the sand and chasing about. Well, Mr B is running about, sniffing the sea weed and he declares it ' Still Yucky'!

Yep! Still Yucky!
 We spot Miss Snowflake creeping up on OTL with the intention of getting back into his pocket again but OTL knows that it won't be long before she needs a wee and a poo and he wants to get home with clean, dry pockets, so she is 'On Her Own', as OTL would say!

Just another few feet before I get into his pocket!
 In the end she gives up and goes off to join Mr B who is digging more holes!

We spot an old garden chair that has been washed up on the beach and of course, the two ferrets want to investigate, just in case it has rabbits underneath!

After a thorough sniff, they decide it may just be good enough to have a snooze on, were it not for the sloping angle of the seat!

Maybe after the next tide?

I reckon you could get two dogs and two ferrets on here, but not at the same time!
 Today Mr Brambles had got 'The Pickle' in him and was planning an attack on Holly and me! Of course, we have been attacked too many times by that sneaky little ferret so while it may seem we don't see him, trust me, we know every time he puts his paw down!

Slowly, Slowly, Catch a Woofer!
 Miss S was having some fun on the Rock Wall and was pretending she was climbing one of OTL's Munro Mountains!

.......and now all I've got to do is get across the Arete!
 Getting close to where we parked the car, the ferrets spotted a patch where last night some rabbits had been digging holes, looking for whatever rabbits look for!

Mr Brambles got very interested and insisted on having a really good sniff! Miss Snowflake forgot to tell him about the pile of poo that had been deposited to the side of the hole!

I Sniff a Rabbit!
 Back home, we went into the garden and checked on the Rat Trap, still no Mr Ratty, it has been some time since OTL put it out and we haven't seen anything get caught in it. To add insult, we haven't even seen Mr Ratty again, although, Holly reckons she has caught a sniff but I think she has been sniffing too many bird poos!

So, OTL is going to put the trap into the shed and keep it safe in case we spot Mr Ratty again!

Lunchtime on the beach, Holly and I had a game of 'Chase The Stick' and I will admit, Holly won!

Crafty little puppy kept turning away from me every time I came alongside to make a grab for it, that girls getting too good!

Come here and let me grab it!
Auntie Sheila was in with The Missus today, both of them splashing the glue pot about and making a terrible mess!

Holly and I stayed up with OTL 'cos if we went down there we'd end up stuck to the ceiling!

Saturday tomorrow, loads of fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hi Ho Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Wot a super sunny morning! We were out good and early and even the ferrets were up for a run!

Down on the beach Mr B was digging so many holes Old Two Legs said it looked like a Swiss Cheese!

Shall I do some Yodelling as well?
Miss Snowflake joined in the digging but refrained from Yodelling at the same time, she said it was just too embarrassing!

I'll just dig, thank you very much!
 Mind you, it didn't help much when Max and Oscar walked past and called out to Miss Snowflake.

Is that you Yodelling?
 She gave up the hole digging and went off to investigate the sea weed that had been washed up on the last tide.

Mr Brambles had already been dancing around in the dark green stuff called Bladder Wrack and had declared it Yucky!

Miss Snowflake tried on the stuff that was on the beach and wondered if OTL could knit her a scarf to keep her warm on the cold days!

Do I look good in this?
 Back home it was chicken again, dunno why we get it two days running, maybe The Missus got a big cheque for making the film or maybe she just got too much chicken out of the freezer last night!

After breakfast I rushed up to OTL's office and got under the desk, my normal position, ready for a snooze. Now, my cushion wasn't there and I didn't fancy sleeping on the hard floor, but I waited there expecting OTL to get the cushion, which he didn't!

Instead, he got the ferrets 'Play Tunnel' out and opened the cage door to let Snowflake out. Then he shut the office door and sat down at the desk. He was playing with Snowflake getting her to chase the cat tease and run about all over the office floor and over the Play Tunnel.

Then Snowflake stopped, looked down the office and came running up to me!

OTL, wondering why she had left the cat tease alone, swung around to see Snowflake and me, nose to nose, and me doing my very low down grumble!

Now, my 'Low Down Grumble' is a serious grumble that tells you 'I mean Business' and you had better back off, go away, desist or just Stop!

Snowflake just stood there, her nose still touching mine.

OTL, very gently said I was a good girl and put his hand down between our noses, then picked Snowflake up!

I got some more 'Good Girling' and Snowflake had to go back in the cage, which didn't please her too much, but at least we were both safe!

Lunchtime it was a bit windy down on the Sea Wall but we didn't hang about 'cos Michael & Sue were arriving for a visit. Holly said that they would be bringing Super Scoff for us doggies and we wouldn't eat our dinner 'cos we'd be too full.

Oh dear! Nibbles for OTL and The Missus and we didn't get a sniff! You know, I even tried the old 'Wet Tongue in the ear' trick but that didn't work either!

I reckon OTL must have warned them about our diet!

So, no cuddles for OTL tonight!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Too Many Fans!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

Well, after finally uploading that film of The Missus making a card, it seems that it was a bit of a 'Hit' and there have been a couple kind comments!

Old Two Legs is wondering if he should give up retirement and go into film production big time!

TM has been walking around all day saying 'Five Bob to talk to me!'

Wot a show off!

Wot a Tart!

OTL was well pleased, he got a delivery of a bottle of 'The Water of Life' on of his favourite slurps and he has put that away for 'Later'!

This morning when we went out it was raining, a sort of misty type of rain and when we got to the car park it was wet enough for OTL to leave the camera in the car, so, no pictures of Miss (I Wanna Go Home) Snowflake showing off!

Mind you, when we got back home she was rattling the cage door to get out and have a game with OTL in the office. The only problem with that idea was I'm under the desk trying to get a snooze and all she wanted to do was crawl onto my cushion with me!

No Way Pedro!

I did one of my 'Grumbles' and I got thrown out of the office to carry on my snoozing on the bed, wrapped up in TM's fleece!

We had chicken for breakfast, so I wasn't too worried, a full tummy and a soft bed, what more can a Woofer ask for?

Lunchtime we were out again and the sun was trying to poke its nose out from behind the clouds. It is still very wet under paw so Holly and I had a game of 'Jump The Puddle' and of course, I won!

OTL was playing about with his camera doing a 'Depth of Field' exercise. He does this every so often just to make sure he knows how to get an effect!

This one shows a very shallow DOF, this is when you want to draw the viewers attention to a subject!

f/5.6 at 105mm
 The next one he had to do some guessing at and set it up so that the rocks in the foreground would be in focus and the mud in the distance would also be in focus.

I don't think he got it spot on 'cos he didn't have his DOF Calculator with him!

f/16 at 50mm
 As I said, nearly but not quite there yet!

On the other hand just look at me!

f5.6 at 180mm
 Am I in focus or Wot?

That's all I need to know!

Back home TM announces that she wants to do 'Another Film'!

Oh Gawd, I can see the house being turned into a permanent film set! Mind you, just think of all the 'Franchise Deals' we could do? We could make loads of money and dine on Beef Steak every day!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Peter Jackson OTL is Not!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day we've had!

It started off this morning when we went out for our normal stroll along the beach. The sun was trying to poke through the clouds and foggy stuff and not making a good job of it. Mind you, Old Two Legs had fun saying he was 'Painting With Light' and was looking for a scene that had an 'Ethereal' look to it!

What ever turns you on! 

 Miss Snowflake was showing off. After her demanding her own Poo Pot, she now wants us all to turn around and face away from her while she has a wee! Well, I mean, I thought I was the shy one but I think she even has me beat!

No Peeking!
 Mr Brambles was in a good mood, charging around, digging holes and showing off his tail! He reckons that the tail may not be as big as Snowflakes but the colouring gives it more 'Depth'.

Holly reckons he has been listening to OTL again, 'Painting with Light'!

It has Class and Style and Depth to it!
 Holly and I were having a sniff on the beach when Miss Snowflake came creeping up the beach towards us. I was a good job Holly spotted her or we would have had her nipping at our heels!

'Fire In The Hold'!
Back home and we found that there was only 'Doggy Scoff' in our bowls, not the best start to the day!

However, things started to get interesting when OTL brought Tripods, Lights, Cables, Camcorder and other stuff down to where The Missus makes her cards.

Then we remembered, TM wants to put a film on You Tube!

It was so funny, TM was supposed to be the 'Star' and OTL was supposed to do the Directing. Well, it started off with OTL saying that TM should do a practise run first and TM telling him 'No', she was going 'Straight in' and that was 'cos she knew what she wanted to do and it wasn't going to take long and for him to 'Get On With It'!

After 'Take 27' she was getting 'Stressed'!

In the end she listened to OTL then said that she had a better idea and did exactly what OTL had suggested and called it her idea!

To cut a long tail short, she finally managed to get a demo done of her making a card and after OTL had messed about getting it on the computer and saving it in the file format that You Tube will accept, they started to load it up.

Now, we live in a 'Rural' part of the world and the telephone lines are not the best or clearest in the world and the Broadband, well let's say that sending a letter by 'Post Haste Stagecoach' is quicker!

The file is being uploaded now but the computer reckons it will take about eight hours to upload!

Eight Hours? It would be quicker to put it on DVD and send a copy out to to the six hundred 'Followers' she has on her blog!

Lunch time came and we were off to the beach again, the sun had crept out from behind all the mist and fog but out to sea Southend on Sea was still covered!

Southend on Sea In Fog!
 While we were walking along the beach we noticed a strange set of waves coming ashore, OTL reckons it could be the wash from a passing ship that finally arrived on our beach!

I see no Ship!
 So, that's our bit of fun, let's hope the sun keeps shining and makes the ground dry and gets rid of all the mud!

By the way, when the film uploads, you should be able to see it on:-

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Fussy Snowflake!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

It was a bit chilly this morning, in fact, so chilly that The Missus insisted on us wearing our 'Waggles' Fleece Lined Jackets!

Now, don't get me wrong, but we like the look of these jackets and the way it slips under our chest and does up around our tummy. The one big problem is when we get a trot on, we manage to put our paw through the hole where our neck is and, well, it's not very comfortable!

So, Old Two Legs is going to do some 'Re-Engineering' and try to close the neck hole up a bit, then, with a bit of luck, our paws will stay where they're supposed to stay!

Snowflake was doing her bit complaining about how small OTL's pocket was and where is the 'Carry Bag' he had ordered?

Not Much Room Here!
 Mr Brambles called down that he would change places with her if she wanted a bit more room!

Come up here, there's plenty of room!
 She said that she would stay where she was 'cos it's much warmer in OTL's pocket, even if it was a bit cramped!

There was a bit of frost on the ground, not much but enough to let Snowflake slide down the hill a few feet!

Look at me sliding!
As it was cold enough for frost, all the sniffs were frozen, so it was fun picking them out from the normal sniffs!
Here's one under here!
Mind you, the frost didn't hang about for very long and pretty soon it was back to the muddy stuff!

It's a bit Quaggy Girl!
 Back home to a Chicken Breakfast and a snooze under OTL 'Work Station' or Desk to anyone else!

Now, OTL has been having a little problem with the ferrets, you see he has installed a big 'Poo Pot' for them in the corner on the ground floor and up to a few days ago, they both used it.

Then someone started to have a poo or a wee outside the pot, in the other corner, which was a pain to clear up 'cos it was under one of the shelves OTL has mounted all around the cage to act as a stairway up to the second level.

Who was Poo'ing past the Pot?

After keeping a watch out we discovered it was Snowflake who had changed her habits! It seems that she just didn't feel right having to share a poo pot with Mr Brambles!

Now we have two Poo Pots on the ground floor and they are named,

His & Hers!

So far it's working, Mr B carries on as normal and Miss S hides under the shelf when she wants to go!

Holly says Snowflake is just as fussy as me!

Our lunch time walk was a little warmer but the ground is still very quaggy!

This is too Quaggy!
OTL was creeping around with his camera trying to creep up on a Seagull, as you would expect, the gull was wide awake and watching him!

Oi! I'm trying to get some sleep up here!
Back home we crashed out in OTL's office while he pounded away on the computer doing wot he does!

Not too sure what OTL has got for dinner tonight but you know we haven't been able to mug any scraps since we got weighed. This slimming lark is dead boring!

Claws crossed the rain will stay away and the ground will dry off!

See you tomorrow and there should be some fun going on 'cos The Missus is going to have a practise doing a demo with OTL recording in on the camcorder!

8x10 glossy pictures will be available in time, signed with her own hand!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.