Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day in the Household!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here, Merry Christmas to you all!

We had great difficulty getting to sleep last night, every time we drifted of there seemed to be a noise coming from the roof or the chimney or the loft or the front door or the garden or just Old Two Legs snoring and Harrumphing as he turned over in bed!

Then about three thirty there was this noise from down stairs, like a plate being knocked off the coffee table!

Holly and I stuck our heads under our blankets and closed our eyes tight and didn't say a thing, until we woke up this morning, about five thirty!

The Missus was getting up at the same time, so, off we went with her to see what was down stairs.

Well, our stockings were full of chews and toys, Holly and mine that is! TM had her own toys and a brand new pair of Golden Slippers that she puts on and does all her carding stuff in!

OTL staggered down stairs and put our lead on us and off we went to The Sea Wall for a very early walk. This was very strange but not to worry, as soon as we got back we were off to Auntie Zoe for Christmas Day!

There was The Boys there as well, which pleased Holly and she had a cuddle and a lick of them all and then I did the same! We got more presents and a Christmas Scarf each which we wore all day!

It says 'Yappy Christmas'.......now where's the Squirrels!
We also got a walk in a small park across the road which had loads of squirrels running around! OTL wouldn't let us off the lead when we went out which was a bit of a spoil sport 'cos we could have chased the squirrels all through the woods for miles.

Which I suppose is one of the reasons OTL kept us on the lead!

Look! Another one and we're stuck on this lead!
We had a super dinner of a Turkey Leg each. A Turkey is really a very big chicken and is very tasty, especially the way that Auntie Zoe cooks them. You see, she is a Professional Cook and knows how to do this stuff properly!

We also managed to bag some Pigs in Blankets, which are sausages wrapped in bacon and we got some Gammon slices and some more turkey and Holly had some carrots as well!

The best bit was when OTL had finished his ice cream, we got to lick the bowl clean!


Gissa A Lick of The Bowl Missus!
We first mugged TM and then next I got onto OTL's lap and we kept very quiet until the ice cream arrived!
Where's the Ice Cream?
 Well, after all that we couldn't do anything other than crash out and sleep it all off!

Wake me at Tea Time!
 We have just got back home and are setting down to a great snoozy evening, nibbling at the tasty bits and mugging OTL for some of his shortbread!

See you tomorrow!

Loads of Luv,

Daisy & Holly