Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Ferrets get Wet & We Get Muddy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a start to the day! It was raining from the moment we got up this morning!

When we got to the Sea Wall it was still raining, though, not so heavily as before. Old Two Legs decided that we should take the ferrets to the picnic ground for a run and then they were to go back in the car 'cos they don't have rain coats like wot we have got!

About half way around, it stopped raining, so OTL picks up the ferrets and heads for our normal path. It was after about ten minutes when the rain started again! So, back the ferrets went to the car to get a rub down with a dry towel and put back into their travelling cage.

We didn't get any choice, we were marched back out and instructed to 'get on with it'!

I just don't do rain!

I really don't like this!
Thankfully it didn't last long, the walk that is, not the rain, that lasted almost all morning!

Still, to make up for it we had some juicy chicken for breakfast followed by a snooze on OTL's bed!

It was a bit late, our walk at lunch time, 'cos OTL was busy 'Manufacturing' but he finished and we were off to the carriers. Now, just along the road a bit was The Forest! One of our favourite Squirrel Hunting Grounds!

When we got there it looked a bit muddy, it fact it was really Quaggy! We didn't mind, as long as there were some squirrels to chase we would be happy!

So, the first thing we came across was..........

Afternoon Doggies
 Of course, if there is one, there is bound to be another!

In fact there were a few and these two were Banging Heads!

Wot You Looking At?
Holly and I were a bit put out that these cattle had scared off the squirrels!

OTL was diving into the leaves and stuff clicking away at bits of fungi that were poking their heads up above the leaves!

Err, Boo!
He was down on his knees trying to hold the camera still so he could get it in focus, maybe he will bring the tripod next time!

A Fungi Doesn't wobble you know!
We had to stay away from the path, too muddy, but in the forest it wasn't so bad, but we still didn't see a single squirrel!

It really was a bit much!

No matter how hard we looked, they seemed to have vanished into the tree tops!

No, can't see a single squirrel anywhere!
Holly suggested we try sniffin' in the leaf litter but that didn't work either!

It's could be squirrel or maybe a rat!
It was most frustrating 'cos we know they are here somewhere but we just couldn't find them!

No! Not up there either!
 This was getting bad, you know we were even helping OTL find different fungi! Here's one he hasn't seen down in the forest before, Puff Balls, but these weren't ready to Puff Yet!

All together lads, Puff!
 Then we found this one hiding away on an old tree trunk, pretty we thought, reminds us of squirrels!

Pretty Colour and has a sniff of squirrel about it!
 I jumped up on top of the log for a better sniff but in the end decided that it wasn't just right, you know, nearly but not quite squirrel!

Almost had me fooled then!
 To add insult to it all, OTL spotted a squirrel scampering up a tree trunk while Holly were having a chat with a Bozo Scruff Bag who reckons he has chased a hundred squirrels today, yeah, right!

We did however spot a spider who wasn't talking to us 'cos he was waiting for a fly to land so he could have some dinner tonight. All he would say was that he was 'Jus' Hanging Around'!

Jus' Hanging About!
 We carried on the path way getting very muddy, in fact we were almost black with the mud! As we came through the last gate, there in front of us, stretched out by the side of the path, chewing slowly was the Highland Coo, again!

It turned its head and said, 'You Two Again?'

Holly reckons that if they were to get rid of the cattle then the squirrels would come back.

Wonder what a Highland Coo tastes like?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.