Saturday, 14 March 2015

Too Cold For An Adventure!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

We were up at the  'Crack of Dawn' 'cos The Missus wants to get up to the Village Hall good and early 'cos she has to set up all the tables and chairs and get everything all laid out and ready!

That means we are all up early 'cos we have to take her and all her gear up to the hall!

Now, when she has a 'Master Class' we end up on The Beach before everyone else!

That means we don't get to say 'Hello' to any of the Lads!

The ferrets got out of their Ferret Bag before we got to the beach 'cos Miss Snowflake fancied a wee and of course, Brambles got out as well just to have a sniff.

Well, normally they drag this bit out but today it was 'Out and Back' at high speed!

You see, there was an Easterly Wind blowing in off the sea and coming from Russia or somewhere equally as cold!

Down on The Beach the ferrets were emptied out of the bag and because of the cold wind, they were dragging Old Two Legs back up the beach and heading back towards the car park!

OK, That's it, back to the car!
Back home there was Lambs Heart waiting for us and of course Brambles was stuffing his chops with Doggy Biscuits, our Doggy Biscuits!

Come lunchtime we decided to get OTL out and back before the rugby starts so I went up behind him, gave his chair a good shove, then sat there!

Guess Wot I Want?
The wind still hadn't dropped and we decided not to hang about.

We met up with this Bozo Two Legs who said he had brought his fishing gear and his metal detector with him so he could go fishing! Well, the tide was right out, so he gave up on that idea and got out the metal detector.

We don't know what he was expecting to find but what ever it was, he hadn't!

Zoom, Zoom and not a Ping was heard!
 Holly found a big tree trunk on the beach and it looks like it was used to make a fire. Holly took one look and reckons it looks like a Dragon!

A Fire Breathing Dragon?
 We didn't hang about 'cos the wind was blowing and getting under our tail! So, off we went and had a game of chase along the beach, I went on top of The Sea Wall and waited for Holly by hiding at the top of the steps.

The idea is to give her a Big Woof when I jump out in front of her as she gets to the top of the steps!

Me, Waiting to Woof Holly!
 Up she comes and..................................

Got her!

After that we ran along the Sea Wall and even OTL chased us along there as well.

He's only chasing us 'cos he's cold!
Back home and we crashed out on the sofa while OTL watched the rugby.

We all decided that it really wasn't the weather to have an adventure so we will save it up until the weather gets warmer!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.