Monday, 31 January 2011

Super Sunday

Hello all you Two Legs!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We've had a really lazy day today, we got up late, then went back to bed for another snooze, and that made us late for our morning walk! It was a bit drafty, up on the top field, the wind was blowing hard and even Old Two Legs had to take his glasses off because the wind was making his eyes water.

When we got back, we had our normal brush before breakfast, but breakfast was Chicken!

Chicken is our most favourite food, second possibly to OTL's shortbread or maybe his Twigglets, or a bit of Venison Burger, (OTL calls 'em Bambi Burgers) or some Roast Beef or maybe a bit of Lamb, or even Pork Pie!

After breakfast, it was back to the office and our day bed, for a snooze before going out again, on our Sunday Adventure!

After Breakfast Snooze
As it was a little cold, we decided that a run around The Farm would be a good idea, especially as OTL had to drop some stuff off at the rubbish tip!

So that's what we did, all the way down there we woofed at the other dogs on the side of the road and Holly sang a couple of new songs she had learnt from Buster next door! After a while we were all singing them as we went through the town! It was especially funny 'cos OTL kept forgetting the words and got the chorus all mixed up!

When we got there, we started off by watching a Spaniel type of dog running about in the field, chasing a ball and taking it back to it's master. Pretty stupid game we thought, what's the good of taking the ball back to your Master if he's going to throw it away again?

Watching Training & Laughing!

Holly said that it was a waste of time taking the ball back and some dogs just didn't have their tails screwed on straight! I wasn't too sure of what she meant but I agreed, just to keep her happy!

It was good fun sniffing all over the Farm, you see we had not been down there for a little while. The old sniffs had faded and there were new ones to check on.  It's a sort of Doggy Notice Board of who's around!

I'm sure I could smell a squirrel here but it was a faint sniff. I could also sniff fox that had past by but that was last night.

Sniffin Squirrels
We didn't find any squirrels and Holly and I reckon they are all sleeping this time of year, just like the Badgers!

We met a big bouncy Labrador type of dog that scared me 'cos he was just too large!

His name is Cody, a funny name for a dog, but OTL says it's an American type of name, made famous by Buffalo Bill Cody who chased Indians and ate Buffalo Steaks and drank whisky without shortbread!

Buffalo Bill Cody on the Road!
Here's a picture just to show you what it's like on The Farm.
Run Daisy Run!
Holly and me had a game of 'Chase' in the field where the sheep are normally kept. It was great to be able to stretch our legs, we could run for miles and not bother to look where we were going!

We got back home, all sort of worn out and ready for our afternoon snooze.

We woke up just before it was time for dinner, it was chicken and a few biscuits!

We are pretty good at telling the time by the rumbling of our tummies, it's called a Doggy Clock!

See you again tomorrow!

Luv D&H

Sunday, 30 January 2011

We went to School!


Daisy & Holly back again!

We went to school today! Old Two Legs had to do some work at a big school close to us and we went into the big office to help him.

Well, what we did was to have a snooze in our day bed that OTL had brought with us, then, after that, we ran around the office chasing each other through the desks and chairs. It was great fun dodging in and out of the paper bins as well. Holly knocked a couple over!

After we left the school we decided that we don't really need to go back, I mean, they never actually taught us anything, so, we will leave it for the children and we will stick to important things like chasing foxes and badgers!

We travelled from the school straight to the New Park and we spotted some sheep in a field, so Holly and me discussed how we would round them all up, just like big sheep dogs!

Look, Sheep!
Holly said it would be fun being a sheep dog for a day or two but not full time. She prefers being a guard dog, not so much running around!

While having a sniff, we did not see that Grumpy dog creep up on us, you know, that one Holly asked if her face hurt!

She made us jump and we weren't sure what she was going to do, but this time all she said was 'Hello young girls' so, that did not sound as though she was going to box our ears!

We shared a sniff or two with her and Holly asked where she came from, Gravesend, she said, no said Holy, your ancestors!

Well she told us she was a  Chinese Shar-Pei and that China was a long way away and that her breed was used to keep bears away from the sheep, which was a change from wolves and foxes. She must be doing a good job, 'cos we haven't seen any bears in the park, ever!

Chinese Shar-Pei
She said that Bears lived in caves and cracks in the rocks and you couldn't be too careful when sniffing around rocks and stuff. She showed us how to sniff for bears, it was sort of similar to sniffing for Badgers and foxes, but you have to be more careful 'cos bears have sharp claws and are very grumpy if you wake them up!

Bear Hunting!

Holly and I left her to hunt bears and ran after OTL because it was getting a little cold. Our fur keeps us warm but a cold wind can certainly put a chill up our tail!

Back home for a snooze before The Missus gets back from her Crop, you know, all day to make just one card!

I don't know about her cards but the mess she makes with bits of paper all over the place, we reckon she should have made a hundred cards!

See you tomorrow, bye bye for now.

Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Woofing Friday


Daisy & Holly here to see you again!

We love Friday's, 'cos that's the day the Dustbin Men call to take away the rubbish. I've got no problem with them taking the rubbish, it's just the Noise they make. Crashing the bins about and shouting at each other.

Well, Holly and I join in with the shouting bit, we shout at them to be quiet 'cos Old Two Legs is still asleep and then OLT shouts at us to stop shouting at the dustbin men 'cos it has woken him up and the dustbin men are shouting at the lorry to 'Hang on' and so it goes on until they leave the road.

It's Grr-eat fun and it certainly gets you up in the morning, And, it gets OTL out of bed as well!

It was a bit cold across the fields this morning, cold enough for the Snow Fairy, but we did not see her, even though I kept a look out.

Today OTL took us down to the woods for a change, there was mud everywhere! To start off we said hello to a youngster who didn't realise there was two of us!

Don't move, there's someone behind you!
It was fun creeping up on him!

We went on and said 'hello' to the Bronze Age Barrow, Holly said it was a hill not a barrow 'cos a barrow has two handles and a wheel!

Bronze Age Barrow with the wheel missing!
The trees were too much for Holly, sight of a tree gets her all excited about climbing up the trunk. So, there were a few new trees that had fallen over and she found this one, so, she just shot up.

Holly in the tree tops!
I tried to climb up as well but did not get as far up as Holly!

Holly just loves trees and she gets upset when they have to chop them down but there are times when the trees become sick and the safest thing to do is chop it down. In the woods here they leave most of the trees on the ground so that they can become homes for other animal, and of course, a climbing frame for Holly!

Fallen Tree
Tomorrow is Saturday, so we are wondering where OTL is going to take us, he says he has some work to do at a customers before we can go out but we don't mind. Who knows, we may even get to go with him and stand guard over his tools!

See you again soon!



Friday, 28 January 2011

Westies all over the place!

Hello, Daisy & Holly back on your screens again!

Down at the New Park today we seemed to be meeting Westies everywhere we went.

We had just got through the gate when we bumped into Jock, we had met him before, so stopped to say hello. While we were saying hello, his owner answered his mobile telephone, he said 'Hello, Mr Strapp here'.

Old Two Legs had to drag us away pretty quickly, he was busting to laugh but had to keep quiet until we were down the path a bit. He never did explain!

Mr Jock Strapp
Off we went, running and sniffing, when, around the corner came Benny, we had met him before and we had a great game of 'chase'. He chased us and we chased him, then he chased us, and so on, until he was called away.

Chasing Benny!
We went past the Badgers again and Holly agreed that they hadn't moved since the last time we saw them, but she wanted a closer look. Unfortunately, they were in a field that was for children only and us doggies were not allowed in.

Now, I'm not sure if the notices are to keep the children in the field, or to keep the doggies out. I think it's a good place to keep children, all safe and fenced in, where they can't bother us puppies!

A little further on we found the Indian house again and I jumped inside and hid from Holly, she was rushing around looking for me and only found me when OTL told her where I was!

Tee Hee in the Tepee!
Holly was looking at the maps again (Bore-ring) and said she had given up on trying to teach us how to map read, instead, she started talking about Way Points. I asked if a Way Point was a notice telling you which way to go. She got all 'shirty' and said we would never learn if we didn't pay attention!


She found a small wooden bench thing and I asked if when you fell off, would you go 'Wheyyy' and was that why it was called a Way Point.

She didn't even answer me!

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's the New Park Again!

Hello fellow Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again!

We reckon Old Two Legs has found a place he really loves! Y'know, it seems he can't stay away from the New Park. Because it has real paths, and places for us to run, and loads of other dogs so we can socialise, and we can see for miles, and there are poo bins all over the place. OTL likes the poo bins 'cos it means he doesn't have to carry the poo bag for miles!

We met a Chinese Crested Dog, but his one had hair!

Normally they look like this.                                           But this is how she looked

We reckon she looked better with hair and Holly said so!

We had fun chasing around and her mate fell in love with OTL and wouldn't leave him alone!

My turn to sniff!

Off we went and Holly decided that we needed a lesson in Orienteering, 'cos she has been to evening classes to learn and I haven't, so, she started off by telling me which way was North. Now I always thought that North was straight up, you know, towards the North Star. When I mentioned this she got all showy off and said that you can't see the stars during the day!

Orienteering for Dogs!
I said that they should put the map on the ground for us dogs but Holly said that was not the done thing and anyway, real maps fold up and go in your pocket. I said I didn't have a pocket and where could I get one?

North is UP!
We ended up having an argument on which way was North and never got around to finding where we were!

It was OK in the end 'cos OTL always knows where we are and we trust him to get us home by tea time.

See you all tomorrow!



Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Badger Attack!

Hello Everyone!

It's your daily dose of Daisy & Holly!

We have been lucky puppies today, first of all we had a walk with Old Two Legs, across the fields, running and chasing each other as normal. 

That is Holly and me, OTL just sort of ambles along! 

We said hello to a small Yorky, when we could get a word in edgewise, 'cos he wouldn't stop barking at us.

We don't think he gets out much to meet other dogs, so thinks we are all trying to attack him or his owner!

Not like us, we meet loads of people!

Today we met some Badgers!

We were over the New Park again with OTL and were doing our normal, wander and chat bit when Holly started to growl. Not sure what she was growling at but I joined in just to support her. Then during a pause I asked her 'what we are growling for'?

'Badgers' she said.

Wot! Where? How Many? was all I could think! 

So, being a 'Wary' sort of puppy, I stood up on my hind legs for a better look.

Is that a Badger looking at me?
'Holly' I said, 'You're a Woofing Plonker! They aren't real, they're wooden Badgers for the children to play on!'

Holly wasn't sure but did agree that they weren't moving, but as she said, neither were we!

I hope the real Badgers aren't that big!

We met a big Spaniel type doggy with his mate, a real porky Jack Russell sort of dog who was a bit grumpy.

Hello Mates!
 Now if we thought he was grumpy, you should have seen who we met next!

We did our normal 'Hello!' but all she said was        'Grrrr'
Holly asked if her face was hurting, that did it, the Grrr turned into a Woof and she ran towards us saying she was going to box our ears for us. 

Then she started to chase Holly!

Catch us if you can!
Well, Holly and I know we are very good at the quick turn and duck inside tricks, so we weren't too worried about this dog catching us. First she chased Holly and then me but could not get near to us at all! Soon she got called by her owner and had to run off. Holly and I thought it was a great trick!

Then it started to rain, that was it, a quick dash back to the car and off home for a chicken sandwich and a snooze before dinner!

Life just don't get better, unless the sun shines and it gets warmer!

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fun Monday

Hi to you all out there!

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

We've been working hard on the computer today but it gets awkward sometimes. Like when I have to use both my claws AND my nose, especially when I need to push the 'Shift' key.

You try it, press shift with your nose and then press the '?' key.

There, I told you so, it's not easy is it?

By the time I get finished I am flaked out!

Working hard on the computer.
It's a good job my bed is handy for a little snooze between paragraphs!

We went back down to the New Park again today, Old Two Legs reckons it's going to be great down there during the 'Soggy Season', you know, January to March when we get a lot of rain.

We got down there after lunch and as normal, it was full of other dogs having a great time. We were woofing and running and sniffing and all sorts.

Holly started of by saying 'hello' to a fine looking Alsatian called William, then we said hello to Freddy, a little Westie who wanted to come with us but he was on a lead, so that scuppered his ideas!

We went further on towards the Orchard Walk, I saw a notice board with a map, so I showed off and told OTL just exactly where we were.

I think I know where we are!
He said I was nearly right, except that Cowes was in the Isle of Wight, not Kent!

On our way back we went across the bridge again and Holly said she saw a shark in the pond, so we both looked hard to see if it was still there. I didn't see anything and Holly thought it may still be at school because it wasn't a big shark so it must be very young.

Looking for sharks
We both had been running very hard today so I was feeling thirsty but every time I went into the water for a drink, Holly would shout out Sharks! 

How big are sharks?
I'll get my own back tonight, I'll shout 'Burglars' just when she is going to sleep, that will sort her out!

Bye bye for now.


Monday, 24 January 2011

Map Reading in the Orchards

Hello to you all, D&H back again!

We've had a good Sunday here in North Kent, weather not brilliant but at least it wasn't raining.

The Missus took us out first thing this morning and we had a super time chasing each other across the fields. We even found a pile of horse poo the path which Holly wanted to roll in, but she didn't fancy the bath when she got in, so she left it alone!

The morning was spent with Old Two Legs, messing about in his office and at one time we were all sitting on his chair having a snooze, including him!!!

We decided to go down to the New Park and this time TM came with us. When we got to the car park we started of by woofing to announce our arrival. TM told us off for making such a noise, but we didn't care!

Soon we were out of the car and saying hello to a rather smooth looking sheep dog type, she was getting on a bit so we were very respectful and didn't woof or run about. OTL said we were good girls for behaving properly.

Hello Missus!

OTL decided we would go through the Orchard Path today, which was new to us. We went past the pond and Holly said she fancied a swim, but it was too cold and anyway she didn't bring her swimming costume with her!

Too cold for swimming.
The orchard path was great, there were not so many dogs on the path and we had the chance to do some serious running.

Because we were new to the path, Holly tried to point out the landmarks shown on the map she kept in her pocket. The problem was,TM had left her glasses in the car and just could not make out the trees and bushes Holly was trying to point out.

Can you see the tree over there?
Holly was getting wound up and suggested that maybe TM should be enrolled onto a course in Orienteering!

TM said she didn't need that 'cos she'd got OTL to read the maps!

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Smelly Salty Sea Dogs!

Hi you all!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been having a fun day today, we went out with Old Two Legs this morning across the fields and enjoyed a good run through the brambles looking for rabbits. We didn't find any but had a good time trying!

Now, remember yesterday when Holly hurt her leg and got carried by OTL for a while until she felt better? It put my nose out a little, her getting carried by OTL. So, this morning I made sure I got carried first, second and third! Yep, three times I got OTL to pick me up and carry me on his shoulder, not for long, just enough that Holly could see I got attention.

We went out again after lunch and we tried to get OTL to take us to the woods, but he decided to get some fresh air down by the beach. No problem, we love the beach for the different types of smell you get there!

The tide was right in so there wasn't much beach to play on, like no 'sandcastles today'!

High Tide
It was fun walking along and dodging the water as it came over the top of the sea wall, Holly got wet a couple of times. She didn't mind and said that she was a 'Salty Sea Dog'!

What Waves?
Dodging the Waves
I was walking along when I caught a whiff of a super smell on the beach, it was a real hum-dinger of a smell. I just could not resist it, so, I jumped down onto the beach to investigate, it was brilliant!

Rolling in something Smelly

It was so good I just had to have a roll in it and sort of work it into my back, so that's what I did. However, OTL was not too happy about that and started his shouting and jumping up and down act.

Holly thought it was a good laugh and jumped down onto the beach as well.

This was a good Gotcha for OTL, right up to the time when the waves started to get nearer and we found that the jump up from the beach was a little too high for us puppies. So, we began to bark, it was our 'OTL help us out of this mess we got into' type of bark.

OTL climbed down and picked us both up, he's a good OTL really!

That wasn't the end of it, when we got home, I got a really wet and soapy wash down to get rid of the smell which had sort of made all my fur stiff and sticky and really smelly.

Bet we won't go to the beach tomorrow!

See you soon,


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Left Alone at Home!

Hello to you all!

D&H here again.

We have had a strange day today.

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning for our normal walk across the fields. Holly managed to bruise her leg running across the field and was running on just three legs. OTL stopped and had a look for any damage or thorns in her pads but could not see anything at all. So, he picked her up and carried her on his shoulder for a while, she liked that!

That did not please me, being the Alpha Puppy in the house it is my position to get carried first or get brushed first or get the rawhide chew first.

Seeing  Holly up there on the OTL's shoulder wasn't good for my Top Dog position. OTL explained that Holly had a bad leg and I was to stop showing off! I suppose that I was a little 'hasty' and decided that as this was an emergency, I'd let her off this time!

After a while, OTL let Holly get down and she was walking on all four legs for most of the time .

When we got back, OTL and The Missus got all dressed up in smart clothes and OTL explained that they were going to say good bye to Grandma. She had gone to sleep and not bothered to wake up. We were to stay at home all day and be good girls until they got back.

After TM & OTL had gone, we crept up to the office and had a snooze in our day beds. Around midday Holly said she fancied a walk and what were we going to do without OTL? It was just at that moment we heard the front door open, so, rushing down stairs we expected OTL & TM to be there, it wasn't.

It was Auntie Sheila!

She said that she was taking us out and we were to be good puppies and not to run off, as if we would!

We got our double lead on and dashed out of the front door and were off to the farm. Auntie Shelia kept us on our leads but we didn't mind 'cos we played a game with her. She pretended to be Nanook of The North and we were her Husky Dogs pulling her all over the place!

She took us all over the fields and through the holiday camp and then down by the beach, it was great fun and she certainly can run fast!

As much as we love Auntie Sheila, it was good to see OTL & TM when they got back. OTL is going to take us out for a run over the woods tomorrow and on Sunday TM may come with us to the New Park.

We just love weekends!

See you soon.

Daisy & Holly (not limping any more!)

Friday, 21 January 2011

Super Day!

Hi! It's Daisy & Holly here again!

We have had a Super Day today.

First of all we got Old Two Legs to get up early and get all his work done. It was a hard job, he doesn't like getting up before seven in the morning. Seven! That's half way through the day!

Still, he was a good OTL and when he'd finished we gave him a big cuddle just to reward his efforts!

A Cuddle with OTL
As he had finished early, we asked if we can go to the New Park again 'cos it is a Brilliant place to meet other dogs. OTL said that if we get off his lap, we can go. You should have seen the scramble to get off!

In the car on the way out of the village, we saw Buster from next door walking along the path, we woofed to him to let him know where we were going, all he said was 'Lucky Puppies'!

When we got to the car park we were both very excited  and ran around inside the car woofing, then we saw a load of dogs being loaded into another car that was next to us. So, we woofed even louder and started calling them names and saying we could run faster than them and we smelt better and our car was faster than theirs.

Then OTL opened our car door. We fell out onto the ground in a pile of fur and feet.

The dogs next door started to woof at us and said they were going to sort us out for being rude. (Holly started it!)

We didn't say a word, but crept around the back of OTL, so he was between us and the other dogs.

OTL said that we were all big and brave inside the car but wimps outside!

Off we ran, pausing only to turn around and blow raspberries at those other dogs, nah, nah, nah!

We said 'Hello' to a spaniel and shared a sniff with him, then we met a Westie and shared a sniff with him as well.

Yesterday we were playing 'Wolves & Indians', a really good 'Adventure Game', well, today we found the Indians home and camped in it, seeing if they came back for some lunch. OTL thought we looked funny, so he took a photo of us!

We see no Indians!
A little later we met up with a Welsh Springer Spaniel who thought it was fun to chase me all over the place shouting ' Com'on Boyo Faster Now!'

Holly ran up and told him not to be such a woofing bully, he said he only wanted to have some fun and was sorry he had scared me, then he went off to chase another dog!
Welsh Springer Spaniel
We got home, just in time for a spot of late lunch and a snooze before dinner!

After Lunch Snooze
 Have we got it made or wot?

See you tomorrow.   D&H

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Indians or Badgers?

Hi everyone!

Guess who's here?

Yes! Cor-r-r-rect! 

It's Daisy & Holly back again!

The sunshine today made us feel really good. We went out this morning with Old Two Legs and had a great run across the fields. We saw loads of pigeons feeding on the cabbages in one of the fields. In the middle of the field was a dirty old oil drum standing on it's end. 

Well, we were looking at this and all of a sudden the oil drum went BANG! and a big puff of smoke came out of it. 

This not only made us jump but scared the pigeons as well, they all flew up to the top of the trees and stayed there complaining loudly about the noise and how they would get indigestion if it carried on! 

That was sooo funny!

After OTL had done all his work we reminded him that he promised to take us to the New Park again. So, off we went in the car, singing songs, until we came to the New Park. 

We got there and there were loads of dogs running around, we made friends with a gang of Yorky's, well that's what OTL called them.

The Yorkie Lads
I thought they were sweet and gentle and very well behaved puppies.

Unlike Holly who asked them if they would grow any more because they looked too small to be real dogs. 
She can be so rude sometimes!

We went on a bit further, past 'The Guardians' and we found a sort of hole full of pine cones. Holly said they were for the squirrel's lunch time snack and they also were used by rabbits to play football with!

Pine Cones for the Squirrels
We met up with an old sheep dog, who, while sniffing a fence post, told us of the tale of the Mad Badgers Ghost that was often seen in the park after closing time.

We hid in the bird hide just in case it decided to get up early!

Watching for the Mad Badgers Ghost
After a while we decided it was too early to see the badger and went off playing Wolves & Indians. We pretended we were surrounded by hostile Indians and we had to woof them all away while hiding behind rocks.

OK, where's the Indians?
We have asked OTL if he will take us down there again tomorrow, Holly wants to try and find the Mad Badger, I just think she is mad to try.

I'd prefer to leave it where it is and enjoy the new sniffs we found!

See you tomorrow and a big woof to you all!