Tuesday, 24 May 2011

First Day Back at work.

Hello all,

We're here again!

What a day we've had, The Missus has been busy feeding clothes into a washing machine and Old Two Legs has been wading through loads of stuff he should have done when he was on holiday,but he couldn't, if you see what I mean!

We've been good little puppies and have been helping as much as we can.

When we think OTL is getting worn out, we get a toy from our toy box and make him play a game with us, it helps to have fun!

We chase after TM and jump up and lick her ear when she is sitting on the sofa, that gets her in a good mood, providing we haven't got muddy paws!

OTL took us down to the Riverside Park where we had a run and a sniff. We had to keep our noses to the ground 'cos the wind was strong and kept blowing the sniffs away!

We had a run on the shingle beach, but it was nowhere near as good as the beach in Norfolk.

Trying out the Pebbles for speed!

So, when we got back to the grassy park bit, we had a run around there, again not as good as the beach in Norfolk but we could get up the same sort of speed!

The only trouble was, there was not enough grass! We kept on running out of room to run in a straight line, so, we ran around in circles!

Grass Track Racing!
I was really hungry this evening, you see we missed lunch 'cos we were out with OTL but when dinner arrived we were both in the bowl up to our ears!

Tomorrow we are off to see The Boys again as we haven't seen them for three weeks, TM is taking us when she goes Baby Sitting, oops! I mean Grand Child Minding.

If the weather is good we may get a run around the park with the lake. I hope Holly doesn't fall in!

See you tomorrow and I'll tell you what happened.

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly