Friday, 9 November 2012

We Have Got It Sorted!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

It has been a sort of 'Lazy Day' today. We were up good and early but then decided that an extra snooze was called for, so we went back to bed!

That means we were late going out for our morning walk along The Sea Wall.

We spotted a Little Egret having a feed on the mud flats plus there were some Oyster Catchers and a few Curlew as well.

and now, I think a Shrimp will go down well!

 The curlew was more picky about what it ate, preferring the wormy stuff that the Wormy Men dig up, but the Curlew doesn't make so much mess as they do!

Here Wormy, Wormy!
We met up with Oscar, he is a Shih Tzu and all of two years old! At first we bounded up to him doing our 'Hello Woof' but he looked a bit worried.

Don't woof at me I'm a little nervous!
He explained that he had a bad experience with a few Spaniel dogs the other day and it has made him a bit nervous.

That was OK but he wasn't so nervous that it stopped him giving Holly a sniff under her tail and his cold wet nose made her jump!

After saying Bye Bye to Oscar we had a run along The Sea Wall and Holly was trying her Flying Bit again but it was not so good today, I blame the breakfast she had this morning, hers and half of mine!

It's not so easy today!

At lunch time, as we headed back to the car Holly spotted a Wormy Man paddling about in a puddle near the shore, so, we sat and watched him for a while. Holly reckons he was paddling like the Seagulls do when they try to scare the worms to the surface. I said it was more like he was trying to do a dance, The Wormy Two Step?

Splash Splash, Splash!

OTL said that he was just washing his boots, which we agreed it could be possible, but we preferred out explanation 'cos it was funnier!

Now, we've had a long chat with OTL and The Missus and as OTL is going to take the laptop away with him when he goes to Scotland, TM is going to take the photos, email them to OTL and we are going to phone him up and dictate the blog to him while he types it!


Now we are off to mug some shortbread, 'cos he's got the whisky out!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly