Sunday, 13 April 2014

TM is off to Ally Pally and we try another lens!

Hello Woofers!

Us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

I don't know what it is but every time this Ally Pally Thingy Wotsit  comes around The Missus goes just a little potty, well, more potty than normal!

This morning she was up at four, playing on the laptop and then she went into 'Sort Mode' and then there was the 'Let's Tidy Up The Card Bits' and finally, 'Let's Switch On All The Lights and Wake up everyone'!

Old Two Legs was not happy, especially as he had to get up early and take TM and her mates to the station!

That meant that we had to go out early for our morning walk which didn't please the ferrets too much 'cos that meant they couldn't have their Sunday Morning lay in!

OTL wasn't too happy 'cos he had to leave the camera at home as we had to be quick 'cos TM had a train to catch!

Mind you, our lunchtime walk was much better, the sun was out and finally OTL had got the 14-24mm lens fitted to the camera!

He tried the setting at 14mm to begin with and at f 2.8. Holly kept om asking if it was focused properly!

How's The Focus OTL?
OTL says that this sort of lend means that you have to 'Get Right Into the Subject' which means he had to get down on his knees and shove the lens right up our noses!

Is It A Mouse or OTL?
Another thing that impressed OTL was the lack of distortion, the horizon stayed flat and didn't 'Curve' like it did on the 10.5mm Fish Eye Lens!

Look! Flat Horizon and Dopey Daisy has fallen in the water!
Of course, I hadn't fallen in, I had jumped in and was enjoying a swim! There is nothing so much fun than a swim at High Tide on a Sunny Day!

OTL helped by throwing the stick in for me to swim after and bring back to him!

Just look at that Horizon and just look at me!

It looks further than it really is!
I had a great time splashing about and of course, Holly stayed at the top of the beach, well away from the water!

OTL called me to sit on the seat and so he could take another photo. This time he set the lens to 14mm and f 5.6. Then he made me sit still while he took the photo and he kept telling me I was a 'Soggy Doggy'!

Soggy Doggy? Me?
Holly, on hearing this remark, roared with laughter and kept calling me Soggy Doggy for the next hour!

Oh Priceless! A Soggy Doggy!
We passed a fisherman who was concentrating on the tip of his fishing rod to see if a fish was tugging on the other end!

I said, Have You Got Any Sarnies?
OTL was on his knees again getting all 'Up Close and Personal' with a Dandelion!

A New Dandelion!
 Next, he spotted a Ladybird, the first he has seen on the Sea Wall this year and of course, see one and there is bound to see another close by!

This years First!
 Look he said, here is another one but without the spots!

I got spots, orange spots!
 Back home we went up to tell the ferrets all about our walk and the results from OTL's lens but they were fast asleep and all we could get out of them was 'Oh Yeah, That's Interesting, we'll have a look when we wake up'

Yeah, very interesting!
Well, OTL has just got a call from TM asking to be picked up at the station so we are off to sit by the window waiting for them to come back home.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.