Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Husky Baiting and Squirrel Hunting!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

What a day, it has been fun, fun, fun all day long!

It started this morning when both Holly and I decided that Old Two Legs had been asleep for enough time to 'recharge his batteries' and he should be up and running around like what we were!

So, about half four, we both jumped up on the bed and gave his ears a good licking! I've never seen him move so fast so early in the morning and he disappeared under the duvet like a ferret down a rabbit hole!

We left him alone for a while and joined The Missus down stairs on the sofa. Holly decided that she wanted a wander around the garden again and off she went for her early morning stroll in the frosty undergrowth.

It was then that she found this very old fossilised chew that must have been out there for years, it was black and smelly and covered with mold! Hey! Why don't we give this to OTL for an early morning present and off she ran up to OTL who was still snoring in bed. Well, Holly didn't want to wake him again, so she left it on his pillow for when he woke up!

You should have heard him! We are still unsure if he was pleased or furious!

Who knows, he may not like a fossilised chew!

Still, we didn't hold it against him 'cos Two Legs have a different idea of what sniffs good, let's face it, he loves the sniff of whisky and we just HATE that!

Our early morning walk was really good, you see we met up with this fisherman who had his young Husky with him but the Husky was on a lead and tied to the railings. Now this means that he can only move as far as the end of the lead, which wasn't very far. So, being sneaky puppies, we stood just far enough back so that when he rushed forward, the lead stopped him about two inches from where we stood!

It was great fun blowing raspberries at him and watching him come to a sudden stop as he lunged at us!

Come on, let me off the lead, just for a little nibble of the fat one!

We thought that was a great laugh and the Husky didn't seem to get too upset about not being able to eat us!

Next time puppies, Next Time!
We scampered off and a bit further on we spotted another camera nut, just like OTL, except this one was sitting on the Sea Wall taking pictures of the waves!

Shall we run down to the water and Wave at him?

Holly thinks that most of the Two Legs are a bit strange, who in their right mind wants to sit on a cold path and take pictures of tiddly little waves!

...are they all Potty?

Back home it was Lambs Heart and biscuits which was really good and super tasty, better than the Doggy Scoff!

Lunch time came too quickly, seems that I only closed my eyes for a five minute snooze when OTL was rattling his car keys and asking 'Walkies?'

Bless him, we landed back down The Forrest again, which is fine by us two any day!

Holly got there and was first to go snuffling about in the leaves looking for new sniffs.

Spot the leaf on her chin!
OTL was snuffling about as well and got all excited about the frost that was still on the leaves that the sun had yet to find!

Frosty Leaves.
Holly had a chat with Arthur about the sniffs and he put her onto a new sniff he found that said there were squirrels out today!

Second oak tree on the left, 'LoadsaSquirrels!'
Off we went and sure enough, I spotted one on the ground looking for his nut hoard, so he didn't see me until the last moment!

You should have seen him move!

I nearly had him then!
 Holly and I hunted some more but they were up in the trees and didn't really give us a chance of catching them. Then OTL spotted one and gave the 'Fisss' sound which means 'Look, Squirrel Sport!' so we stopped and looked to where his nose was pointing!

Fisssss There!
Well, we flew over there like Rocket Powered Puppies! That squirrel was nearly caught but he had 'Vertical Take Off Legs' and just sprang up into the air and disappeared!

Well, that was it, we decided to leave the rest of them alone while we continued our walk and enjoy the sniffs instead!

Back home we finished of the rest of the Lambs Heart that was in our bowls and now we are looking forward to mugging OTL for a bit of his Bambi Burger dipped in eggy yoke!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly