Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Peregrine Falcon visits our garden!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We have had an exciting day today, loads of stuff going on!

First of all, last night Old Two Legs had a dream and it involved jungle and trees and Big Monsters and Small Monsters and they were all chasing OTL! He was managing to escape their murderous teeth when he ran around a corner and had to duck under tail of a Monster looking the other way!

Trouble was, OTL was still in bed and as he ducked his head, he didn't see the bedside cabinet and managed to collide with the corner of the cabinet with his eye brow!

Well, there was blood everywhere! I'd never seen anyone bleed so much! OTL had to wake The Missus up from her dreams of  'Fabulous Eileen Godwin's Fame & Fortune'  to inspect the damage, just in case he needed some stitches in it!

Luckily enough it was a 'Straight in Cut' rather than a 'Slice' and with the application of cold water and a little pressure from his hand, the blood stopped and after clearing up the mess he went back to bed!

We cuddled up to him to make him feel better and Holly even licked his hand in sympathy!

After all that, we were up late, it was half past seven before we got up, terribly late for a Sunday!

Soon we were down The Beach and when we got to the steps, there was a family already there with an English Bull Terrier who we hadn't met before, so it was 'Gently, Gently' until we decided she was just after a game!

Lilly and her Family.
 Mr Brambles just couldn't wait to get out for a run and a dig in the sand and kept on asking.........'are we there yet?'

It's getting a bit 'close' in this bag I think Snowflake needs a run!
Soon we were dashing around and Holly even found some old egg sacks and pretended it was a ball!

Back home TM was catching up with the house work, well, even the 'Fabulous Eileen Godwin' has to get back to reality sometimes!

There we were having a snooze on the sofa when there was a big 'Thump' on the door window and we all looked to see what it was all about. OTL spotted a female Peregrine Falcon perched on the rocks in the garden with a little bird in her claws! She was only there for a brief moment before flying off with the little bird.

We then saw where the impact had happened and you can see the mark where the bird had crashed into the window when the Peregrine attacked and had emptied it's bowels at the moment of impact!

You can see the mark of the feathers of the little bird and just above that you can see the mark of Peregrines feathers as well!

Pow! The End of a Bird!
Holly said that when we are in Scotland OTL has to keep a watch out for Eagles and Buzzards who may attack us and now he has to add Peregrine Falcon to the list 'cos the ferrets would make a tasty meal!

Scary or Wot!

Lunch time came and we were out again with OTL. Holly and I went off Hunting Rabbit while OTL ran around like a Headless Chicken chasing a Peacock Butterfly!

It settled for just a second!
The wind had got up a little since this morning and Holly said that if she stood in a certain direction the wind blew her whiskers up in the air!

Just look, it's done it again!
We went looking for more rabbits but as normal they had retired to bed for their afternoon snooze!

It was still a good run and we both were glad when we got back to the car, you could see it on Holly's face!

That was a good walk, now I need a snooze!
OTL has been shoving pain killer tablets down his throat 'cos his eye still hurts, but, we will give him a cuddle and try to make it better!

See you all tomorrow, we're off to take the big car for its MOT so we have got some car riding tomorrow!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.