Friday, 16 November 2012

What a Yucky Day for Hunting Squirrel!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

A 'Big Woof and Hello' to Kelmar who has joined the 'Puppy Pack' today!

We were out this morning with Old Two Legs and met up with a young Labrador that looked a lot like you!

Mind you he was all excited about meeting us, as you would be, but Holly had to give him the 'Grumbles' to keep him in line!

All he wanted to do is have fun and you can't stop him doing that at his age!

Come on, Lets play Chase!
We also met up with three spaniel types who were obviously well fed and enjoying every minute!

Can she play with my ball?
One had a ball that I grabbed and ran around for a short while until he wanted it back, so I dropped it pretty quick 'cos he was bigger than me!

Holly is still practising the Dog Trot and is getting better all the time.

Never mind the Focus, look at the Kick!
We woofed 'Hello' to a Little Egret but it was more interested in getting breakfast than talking to us!

 Lunch time came and we mugged OTL for a nibble before reminding him of our trip to The Forest!

On the way down we were singing our 'Forest Song' which is great fun 'cos OTL just can't pronounce 'Doggy' very well and keeps making some terrible grammatical errors turning the words into rude words that only doggies know!

When we got there it was spitting with rain, but we said we were big brave puppy's and off we went hunting squirrel.

First it was the normal sniff on the ground, but the rain and mist had washed away the scent!

This is stale Squirrel Sniff!
So, off we went into the woods while OTL took pictures of the leaves and the ferns in the final bit of the autumn season.

Autumn coming to an end.

We were searching the trees for squirrels, but do you think we could find any? No way! We reckon that they had got a sniff of the rain and gone back home to count their nuts!

They are there, somewhere!
It was about then that the rain started and Holly told OTL that it was too wet to carry on walking, no matter how many squirrels there were in the trees!

Back in the car we both told OTL to 'Get The Heater Going'! Pretty soon we were being 'Blow Dried' as we headed for home!

Get The Heater on OTL!
 We got back before the rain set in and joined OTL in his office for a snooze before dinner!

It's Saturday tomorrow and The Missus will be watching the F1 racing, so, if the weather is OK, we will drag OTL down The Forest for another Squirrel Hunt!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly