Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A walk in the New Park

Hello fellow Woofers!

D&H back again!

As you know, we were 'On Patrol' last night, being as it was our first night back since our Easter Break.

We both had a good sniff around to make sure no one had moved into the house while we were away.

All night we were both wide awake and looking for any Foxes or Greasy Badgers who tried to sneak into the house at night.

It was a hard night, several times we thought we heard a snuffling noise outside, so we woofed our special woof that got Old Two Legs out of bed and he let us investigate the garden for intruders, first at two in the morning, then three and finally at five in the morning.

OTL looked tired today.

We went out with OTL to do some deliveries and collect some stuff, then we went to the New Park!

Great fun it was, running all over the place.

First of all we stopped at the Not Not Neddies.

Hello Not Not Neddies!
As normal, they still were bad tempered, so we gave them a woof or two!

OTL tried photographing a flower, as soon as he settled down to take the picture, we rushed up to sniff and when we did that the flower exploded and all the seeds went away with the wind!

An exploding flower!
I found some clover and had a lay down, just to say that I was 'Rolling in Clover', OTL thought that was funny but Holly did not get the joke!

A Daisy in Clover!
 While I was in the clover young Charley stopped for a sniff and chase, we had met him before and he was so excited to see us again. I think he has a soft spot for Holly!

Hello Charley Lad, how's tricks?
We went past the cattle who were having a rest by the fence, just sort of watching the world go by and talking about the Kent County Show where they hope to be exhibited.

We went up to the fence and woofed at them!

One turned his head and in a rather bored voice said ' Do you think you are the first or the biggest pair of doggies to try to wake us'?


No response today!

So we did!

OTL has asked that we leave him alone tonight and if we find any strange noises while we are 'On Patrol', he has told us we should call The Missus and tell her all about it and she will sort it all out!

Now, TM in the middle of the night being told about a noise outside in the garden?

We think that is a little too scary for us!

Have a good night and we will see you all tomorrow!

Bye bye!


Daisy & Holly