Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We're Here!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles are now 'North of The Border and way over to 'The Left'!

In fact we are in Tobermory, on the camp-site where we have stayed before. If you want to see what it is like have a look at their web site on

Let's tell you what has happened since Monday morning.

Well, we were up good and early, Old Two Legs wanted to be on the road by nine, so, good and early we were down The Beach for a quick 'W & P' and even the ferrets got a move on as well!

Back home to disassemble Snowy Heights and get it packed away. Then we had to catch the ferrets to put them in their 'Travelling Cage', the sneaky little ferrets had gone on a rampage around the bedroom and decided to play 'Hide n Seek' under the bed! OTL & The Missus have a King Size bed but there are only two things that can get under the bed, Fluff and a Ferret!

It was OK, 'cos OTL just rattled the Ferret Nibbles' bag and the pair of them were out like a shot!

Pretty soon we were off, about half an hour late which by our reckoning that wasn't too bad!

As soon as we got out of the village, the ferrets started, 'Are we there yet?' but it didn't last long 'cos they soon fell asleep, after Mr Bramble had kicked the Poo Pot about a bit!

The journey up to Gretna Green was as normal, a bit boring, but it was fun in the Motorway Services 'cos OTL first walked us around the trees to have a wee and you could see the truckers looking at us. Then after we had gone back to the car, OTL went around with the ferrets and pretended they were pulling him all over the place! We all laughed when they cam around the corner, it looked like OTL was in a chariot race and the ferrets were the horses!

We arrived at Gretna Green and pitched up for the night and off we went to look for the 'Chinese Takeaway' but it was shut! We were so looking forward to some King Prawns and Clackers!

In the end OTL had Steak Pie 'n Chips while TM had a Cheese Hamburger & Chips. Then, for 'Afters' they brought a big pot of ice cream that was made on the premises! Very tasty it was too, MacHolly and I had our very own bowl with a big dollop inside to lick up!

We had to explain to the ferrets why we all had to change our names. Mr McBrambles was still a bit confused but that's nothing new, he's as bad as OTL!

The next morning we were up and out just after seven thirty, half an hour late but had a good run into Glasgow and onto Stirling.

The ferrets did their 'Are we.....?' but again fell asleep in no time, the gentle rocking of the car helped there!

We all woke up when we got on the first ferry at Corran, just south of Fort William and OTL was saying, 'Yes, we are almost there'!

We were looking out of the windows to see if we could spot Eagles or Buzzards or Red Dear or Nargles or even Wild Haggis!

OTL said that the Haggis keep high in the mountains during the day to keep away from The Midges!

We had the windows open a bit but being reminded of The Midges made us wind the window up, PDQ! Midges are the next worse thing to Ticks!

The next ferry took us onto the Isle of Mull and then onto the Camp Site! It was great to be back on out normal pitch and that means we have a small field all to ourselves! MacHolly and I were tearing around letting off steam while OTL planted the caravan and put the awning up and did all the other things to get set for our holidays!

The ferrets had a great time exploring the caravan while Mac Holly and I stayed up on the bench seats out of their way! They were chasing each other all around the caravan Dooking or Chuckling away.

Normally Mr McBrambles doesn't like his routine messed about with and to have been dragged from his nice warm house, transported over six hundred miles and have his name changed, well, the poor chap should just be ready for a nervous breakdown!

OTL had allowed for that and had been giving the ferrets lots of attention and treats and slurps of Ferretone!

So, other than his traditional 'Poo Pot Kicking Exercise' he has been very good. Miss MacSnowflake has taken it all in her stride and shows no sign of distress at all, in fact she is all ' Sniffs and Eyeballs Open' taking it all in!

Well, last night we all slept well, even the ferrets were an hour late in waking up this morning!

OTL gave them a run around the field and they christened several parts with what Mr McBrambles calls 'Marker Poos' which I didn't know anything about, I thought you just poo'ed and that was it!

But they are related to Otters and they leave 'Marker Poos' called a 'Spraint'. OTL says that only the ferrets can get away with that and if us doggies tried any Marker Pooing' we would be in 'Deep Poo' or should that be 'Deep Spraint' !

After the ferrets OTL took us up to Ardmore Forest where we normally have our walks but when we got there, it was closed! They are doing some 'Tree Felling' and the access is closed until the middle of June which is no good to us 'cos we'll be home by then!

OTL then told us about a song he knows about trees!

And they took all the trees and put them in a Tree Musium
And they took all the trees and put them in a Tree Musium and the charges the people a dollar and a half just to see them!!

OTL said he knew of another place to walk and we headed off to a big hill with some 'Communication Masts' up the top, trust OTL to know about Communication Sites!

Just Rolling in The Sniff!
Of we went and we wee'd and poo'd all the way up and all the way down again!

Mind you, we did sniff some rabbits and anyway who needs trees all the time!

It's a Long Way Up!
We have been having some great fun chasing a ball OTL has brought, together with a 'Throwing Stick' which makes the ball go much further and doesn't wear out OTL's throwing arm!

Once again, to get access to the Internet, OTL has to go into town, purchase a cup of chocolate and a big sticky bun, just so he can use the 'Free Wi-Fi' in the shop! Poor OTL he really suffers for us!

We met up with a lady Blackbird who moved to Tobermory from Oban and she says that while it is not so crowded a Girl can make a living from the local Two Legs!

A Girl can make a Living!
Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow but it will be fun and who knows, we may even take the ferrets for a swim at Calgary Bay if the weather is warm enough!

See you all tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!