Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Wind Has Started To Blow!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Remember yesterday when I was using my physic powers to talk to Old Two Legs? Well, Mr Brambles said that he was going to have a go 'cos he reckons he has 'Special Ferret Powers'!

So, there was OTL , munching away on his 'Rabbit Food' and watching the ferrets slurp their Lactose Free Milk. Mr Brambles, being a bit bigger than Snowflake, finishes his milk first and the shoves Miss Snowflake out of the way and finishes off her milk!

OTL normally spots this robbery and picks up the milk and Snowflake and puts them on the desk so she can finish it in peace!

That leaves OTL with some 'Real Milk' in his bowl that Mr Brambles just loves to help OTL finish!

This morning he said he would get more than the spoon full he has to share with Snowflake by using his 'Ferret Stare' on OTL!

So, while Snowflake was finishing her milk, Brambles got himself ready and started up his 'Physic Force' and fixed his eyes on OTL.

Well, the floor started to shake and the cage was rattling and the lights flashed on and off, such was the power of his 'Ferret Stare'!

Look into My Eyes! Give me your Breakfast!
Didn't work! OTL is 'Ferret Proof'!

Down on the beach Miss Snowflake was showing off her Moon Dancing and shuffled almost all the way along the beach!

This is how to do it!
Brambles was upset that OTL didn't succumb to his stare so he said he could creep up on me without making any noise what so ever.

Poor old Brambles, even that didn't work!

I know your there, I can hear your claws tapping on the concrete!
 Holly and I sat up on the hill waiting for them, they were taking so long!

I think it's because they have short legs!
Back home we had our Chicken & Biscuits followed by a snooze while OTL was working away making things!

After that hard work he then had to take it all down the carriers to send it off and of course, we just had to go with him 'cos just down the road is The Forrest!

Not that Holly Dog was too impressed today 'cos you see, it was raining!

Holly doesn't do raining or early mornings or late nights or wet butt! Today was no exception, we got out of the car and it was misty rain that was dripping off the trees.

Holly kept on asking if we can go back to the car but OTL put the lead onto her collar to stop her escaping back to the car!

It's wet, damp, and want to go back!
 OTL was getting excited about some fungi he found but as Holly said, 'Great! Now can we go back?'

Wet Fungi!
 Then, on our way back to the car, OTL found some more Stag Horn Fungi and was getting all excited again.

Unfortunately, Holly didn't share his enthusiasm and said that she would rather go home and finish off her chicken !

More Stag Horn Fungi!
 What was worse, we didn't even see a single squirrel! Not one! Nothing!

Not a squirrel to be seen!
 We have seen the weather forecast and it looks like it's getting colder and windier and wetter!

That has cheered Holly up no end, she said she is going back to bed!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!