Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Choo Choos and Woofers!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

Loads of fun today, Old Two Legs has finally got a new telephone for the office, his last one was made by Alexander Bell and had a handle on the side that you wound around and around!

Every time he tries to make a recording for the Answering Machine, we have a woof or a grumble and you can hear us when he plays the message back!

Please leave your name and WOOF! after the tone GRUMBLE WOOF!

When we went out this morning we had to wait while a train crossed the road, so Holly stood up and woofed at it to hurry up as she wanted a wee.

Woofing Choo Choo!
OTL said that if it was a steam train it would have gone Chuff Chuff back!

Down on the Sea Wall we met up with a Collard Dove that had lost it's way, well, it was looking for food on the shore. So Holly told it that there was not much seed on the shore and it should go inland a bit, but it didn't take any notice and carried on pecking at the path, silly bird!

Holly said that all doves taste like chicken, so we both rushed at it but it fell off the side of the wall and flew down to the beach to look for seed, what a daft dove!

A Tasty Chicken Snack?
Back home we crashed out in OTL's office while he played about with the telephone, he even mounted it on the wall so he could have more space on his desk!

Then he started to fill up the memory with telephone numbers, that took him hours!

Lunch time was late 'cos he was still playing with the phone, really, he's like a kid with a new toy!

We got fed up and woofed at him to take us out and as he had to take some rubbish down the tip, we went in the big car and had fun woofing at the other dogs walking on the path and Holly spent some time blowing raspberries at the truckers!

Down the New Park we met up with an old hairy sort of doggy who we asked if he wanted to have a game of 'chase the ball', 'No thanks he said, I don't do balls, too damned tricky for me 'cos my legs aren't what they used to be!'

I don't do Balls!
Off we went and sat in the Tee-Pee to see if the Indians were about and Holly said that she could hear them Whooping in the distance! I couldn't hear any Whooping and I think she was making it up just to try and scare me!

Was that an Indian?
A bit further on we met up with some doggies we had met before, so we all had a group sniff, passed on some info on good sniffs down the path and then chased after OTL who was wandering off on his own!

Having a Group Sniff!
We caught up with OTL outside the cattle enclosure, he was looking at a Heifer who looked like it had 'Attitude'!

So, up we trot and we stare at the Heifer, giving it the old 'Hairy Eyeball' treatment and it just stood there giving us the 'Hairy Eyeball' back.

Then Holly said, 'Hey, do you taste like chicken?'

The Heifer looked at Holly and said, 'Do you taste like grass?'

'Come on' said Holly, 'I asked the question first and anyway we are dogs and not grass'

The Heifer looked down it's long nose at Holly, increased the 'Hairy Eyeball' and said in a slow, meaningful voice.

I don't!
Holly blew a big raspberry and we ran off!

Back home to a Lambs Heart dinner and some biscuits OTL got from the vet, they taste a bit like sawdust but when they get soaked in the juice of the meat they are passable, just!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (who tastes of Dog!)