Thursday, 4 June 2015

Trev Has Been Spotted!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Wot a load of sunshine today!

It was shining at a quarter to five this morning, I know 'cos Holly was snoring so much she woke me up!

Both ferrets were in a playful mood this morning with Mr Brambles being beaten up again by Snowflake!

I'm sure he starts it and enjoys the attention when she gives him a wallop with her paw!

I mean, just look at this!

First of all he creeps up behind her and gives her tail a nip, she jumps around and goes for him and he falls on his back!

Oh No! I Surrender, Honest I do!
 Of course, she doesn't believe him and carries on sorting him out!

Please! Not the old 'Claw In The Ear' move, It Hurts!
 When she thinks he has been 'Sorted' enough she goes to walk away, only to have him start again!

Come on, Gissa Kiss Snowy!
It was like that almost all of the walk and there were times when Old Two Legs had to pick him up, just so we could get further along the path without them getting into another rolling match on the grass!

Back home we went into the garden and saw The Missus looking into the pond. Holly said TM was going to dive into the water but before we could say any more TM told us she had seen 'Three' Tadpoles!

Three? That means Trev has brought back a couple of friends from Sweden or maybe there has been a  few more tadpoles that have hatched from the frog spawn we got from Helen to put into the pond!

Holly and I spent most of the morning watching the pond but other that the snails blowing bubbles, we didn't see any more of Trev or his mates.

To be honest, both Holly and I fell asleep and missed a lot of action!

Lunchtime came and OTL was still pounding away on the keyboard, so we decided to get some fresh air into him, It's Walkies Time!

You know he does get so excited when it's time for walkies, we have trouble getting him to put his boots on he's that excited!

We got down to the beach and the tide was well in but not all the way. I considered a swim but it looked a bit muddy in the water and on top of that, it was just too windy!

Too windy for a Splosh About today!
We had a good run around and even said hello to a couple of youngsters who hadn't met up with us before. Of course, they were all over OTL like a rash!

We even managed to scare a couple of rabbits who did a dash into the undergrowth where we couldn't find them!

OK, Where did they go?
Best of all, we found this really good pongy sniff that just called out to us to roll in.

Trouble was, OTL was standing right behind us and gave both of us the Woofers Warning!

It really is just too much when an TL can speak Dog!

I think he is right behind us!
So that's it, we sort of got in trouble, found a sniff that will last until tomorrow for a roll and we have both had a good snooze after lunch!

TM has spotted Tadpoles and we are waiting for the frogs!

Do you think they taste like chicken?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.