Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rush, Rush, Rush!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Still no news from the Zoe front, looks like the baby has gone back to sleep. Typical of us females, just can't make up our minds you see!

We were up late this morning, making up for yesterday! It was super sunny down on the Sea Wall and the birds were all flying around us. I did my 'Super Pose' so Old Two Legs can take my photo for the record book!

Daisy Dog looking Good!

Holly said I was trying too hard but as I pointed out, at least I don't have to hold my stomach in!

That didn't go down too well but we left the fighting until later!

OTL was hard at work in the office and then he tried sneaking out to go and collect his camera, without us!

No chance!

After that it was down the caravan shop looking for a new table 'cos The Missus managed to destroy the last one! Seems like OTL has to bring the old one down there as they need to make measurements of the leg length.

Then we went down The Lakes, great place for a run, loads of ducks and geese. Holly decided that she wouldn't chase them today, mainly because there were too many of them. Holly was scared they may gang up and chase her!

There were some RSPCA people trying to catch a swan. Seems like the swan has got tangled up in some fishing line and also had a hook stuck in it's neck. It seemed OK but we reckon it will be please when the hook is taken out!

Trying to catch Mummy Swan!
On our way around the Lake we saw a tree all covered in blossom, it's a sure sign Spring has arrived!

Springs Here!

This evening OTL has to go out, poor thing, working in the evening! Still, we will give him a cuddle when he gets back!

Bye Bye for now, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly