Tuesday, 12 April 2011

TM's Gone Baby Sitting Again!

Hello All,

Daisy & Holly here again!

What a wonderful sunny day today, If this keeps up we are set for a brilliant summer.

When we got back from walking this morning, The Missus, had left for her baby sitting duties. So, we were left alone with Old Two Legs all day.

It's not so bad really, we get to go for a walk when we want, 'cos all we have to do is 'woof' a couple of times, and I go up to him and stroke his leg with my paw and there he is reaching for the lead!

He's a big softy really!

Today we went to The Farm, a super place full of new sniffs. We saw that they have been cutting down some trees and making a clearing in the forest.

Can't see the wood for the trees!
It was strange seeing all that open space where before there were trees, we would run around in the trees and chase foxes and rabbits!

Now, all we see is open space and Bluebells, which 'aint so bad I suppose, at least it is a bit of colour!

It was great fun hiding in the flowers and letting Holly try to find me, every so often I'd stick my head up and shout 'Boo', just to surprise OTL or Holly!

Hiding in the Bluebells
Holly and I like running along the road on The Farm as well, we can get a good turn of speed but OTL has to watch out for the cars and lorries on this road. We have to go to him if he calls us and most of the time we do, I suppose it's the way he says 'Here' all sort of meaningful and demanding instant attention.

Any other time we take no notice of him at all!

Watch out for the cars!
After getting home we were worried that TM had not come back or even phoned OTL, so we sat in the window waiting for her to come home.

Waiting for The Missus.
We saw several of the neighbours, some of the local dogs and at least four cats. You can imagine how we woofed at the cats!

It looks like TM is going to be away for a few days 'cos by the time we were ready for bed she still had not come home. It's not the same without TM giving us a cuddle on the sofa.

Poor OTL, he had to cook his own dinner tonight, he really can't cook like TM, the flames coming out of the cooker are nowhere near as big as when TM cooks, and, he didn't set the smoke alarm off!

So we reckon his dinner was ruined, no smoke, no flames, he's not very good at this cooking lark!

We were OK, we got chicken again, then we mug OTL for some of his dinner and after that, a nibble of Jacqui's shortbread!

Posh puppies or wot!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly