Thursday, 20 September 2012

It's a Three Walk Adventure Day

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What a busy day we have had today, first of all we were up good and early for our run along The Sea Wall, loads of sniffs both on and off the beach!

Old Two Legs was messing about with the camera trying to catch the Dragon Fly in Mid Air shot and failing miserably!

ZZZZZoom!                 MMMMMooz!
The Dragon Fly kept flying past OTL shouting out Zoom! Zoom! You know, it was moving so fast that the Zoom came out backwards when it went the other way!

We had a visitor this morning, it was Auntie Angela! She had come to play at 'Glue Pot Splashing' with The Missus. You know it's dangerous when those two get going, glue, glitter and inks everywhere! You know, a doggy could change colour in a blink of an eye if you got too close to those two in full flight!

Mind you, she brought some Jam Doughnuts and shared them out, I helped OTL finish off his share!

Mind you, I left the jam bit alone but he rest with a little sprinkling of sugar went down a treat!

Lunchtime walk was fun, to start off with, Holly was not feeling too much like a run around 'cos she says she is not feeling well, must be some thing she has eaten, she does eat some strange stuff!

So, I had to keep waiting for her, I mean, it's not the done thing to go rushing ahead when your sister is not well!

Waiting for Sis!
We tried to cheer her up by telling a couple of jokes and it wasn't until I nipped her tail that she seemed to snap out of her mood!

We had a great time chasing each other and trying to grab each others tail!

Pretend Fight!
 We also enjoyed having our 'Pretend Fight' which is great fun!

Here I come!
 It was a 'Mad Five Minutes' and in the end we were both puffed out!

When we got back home, we were just about to settle down for a snooze when OTL started to head for the front door, without us!

No Way was he getting out on his own!

So, off we went, down to the Bank and then to one of his customers!

Afterwards, OTL said we could go for another walk if we wanted, so, off we went and I started singing our 'New Park' song which is a little bit rude but very funny and OTL got the message!

Get off the Path!
We started off towards the Swimming Hole and OTL and I were on the grass looking for my ball when we heard Holly giving off a load of woofing. Turning around we saw she was telling the Park Warden to 'Get Off The Path' and then told them what to do with their car as well!

We carried on down towards the Swimming Hole with OTL throwing the ball for me. I love having a ball chase along the path 'cos I can do my famous 'Hand Brake Turn' to grab the ball.

Hand Break Turn!
 Then I end up in a big cloud of dust, which is a really good 'Show Off' way of stopping, it makes all the other dogs think I was going very fast you see!

Showing Off my Speed!
 I had a great time splashing about fetching the ball and OTL did his normal trick of throwing it just a little bit too far!

Too deep for me!
 The wind was blowing in the right direction, so, all I had to do was to wait until the ball came back to me!

I got a bit brave a couple of times and stepped off the edge and found myself swimming with all my paws off the bottom!

I got soaking wet all over!

So, back I came to OTL and decided to share the water with him by having a good shake in front of him!

Catch the water!
 We then went off for a good run in the cut hay and Holly says that she has been reading all about camouflage and then showed me how she can disappear from view in the middle of a field!

Bet you can't see me now!
I was getting a bit shivery 'cos I was still wet from the swim, so, Holly and I had a good run and a roll in the hay so I got dry and warm pretty quickly!

Drying Off!
The only problem was, when we rolled in the hay, we picked up all the prickles and burrs, so that means OTL had to spend some time taking it all out while sitting on the bench! Still, it gave him an excuse for sitting down for a while!

Off Again!
 Back home we both fell asleep after a bit of dinner, Holly spend all evening asleep on the sofa, me, I was up in OTL's office, snoozing!

I reckon that it won't be long before we go to bed, so I must get back to snoozing in case I miss out on my sleep!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly