Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday Fun

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We had a super night last night, early to bed, run around the house just when it gets near to dawn and an after wake up snooze, before waking Old Two Legs with a 'Good Morning' ear lick!

Make notes Max, this is how to keep them on their toes!

The wind was blowing and the rain was getting right into our coats when The Missus was taking us out for our walk, so it was a quick run around then back for an 'after walk' snoozett!

Lunch time was better, the wind blew but the rain had stopped and the sunshine had come out from behind the clouds.

The only problem was, how do we get OTL to stop working and take us out.

No problem!

It's time to stop working and go 'Walkies'!
Off we went to the Sea Wall, as the wind was blowing from the south we didn't have the waves crashing over the wall, instead the wind was trying to blow the sea back out again!

Hello Woofers!
Holly said 'Hello' to a couple of Labrador dogs and they had a good sniff of each other, I had better things to do, like looking for rabbits!

Coo-Eee Mr Rabbit!
I think that Mr Rabbit may have gone out for the day 'cos there was no sign of him at all!

Mr Rabbit is now getting as sneaky as those Badgers and Squirrels!

 When we got back home there was some super liver for dinner and afterwards we were given a carrot each. Now you may not know, but Holly and me just love carrots, especially Holly, she even sleeps with hers just in case she feels like a nibble during the night.

Best of all is when she has a cuddle with OTL on his chair, she even takes it with her then!

A cuddle and a carrot, life is good!
Early night tonight, just so we can get up early for OTL.

Bye bye for now and a big woof to Max.

Give them a lick on their nose and you will get what ever you want, well it works here my lad!


Daisy & Holly (Carrot Queen)