Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday and The Rain Comes!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on a damp Monday!

After the fun and games over the weekend it makes a change to have a 'slow day'!

This morning we got to The Sea Wall but Old Two Legs wouldn't let us out of the car without putting on our rain coats!

A quick look at the windscreen told us it was just starting to rain, you now, that stuff that falls and you think it will be OK but in the end it makes you horribly wet!

Now, these coats are all very swish and we 'Look The Business' in them, but, there is one slight hitch that causes us problems.

You see, the back of the coat, the bit nearest to our tail sort of opens up like a Tutu if the wind is blowing in the right direction! So, to overcome this design fault, the makers have sewn in a length of elastic that goes under our leg and clips back onto the coat, keeping the coat down by our side. Looks great, works well,  until you want to walk!

It sort of chaffs our legs makes us walk funny!

Holly says she feels all sort of 'Pulled Apart' and to see her, she looks like she has been doing too much horse riding!

It's not so bad for me but it's still not the most comfortable thing to wear!

OTL says he will try to get The Missus to sew in an additional length of elastic so it's not so tight!

If he thinks I'm running in this, he can think again!
Holly says we can get some of the elastic from OTL's underwear but I don't fancy having 'Calvin' hanging from my legs!

Lunch time we went out delivering stuff and ended up at The New Park. I was all for a run and chase about but Holly says her tummy is not feeling too good, must be something she ate!

We had a wander about and got back to the car just before the rain came down!

Here comes the Rain Cloud!
You can see how bad it was, still we got home all warm and dry!

Holly and I have been fighting over a carrot, you see, we got half a carrot each and I can take or leave them, but Holly, she just loves a good carrot straight from the fridge, all chilled and crunchy!

I on the other hand just want the carrot she has, in stead of mine!

It's a sister thing you see!

We will still be chewing it when we go to bed tonight, so OTL will be kept awake by the sound of carrot crunching tonight!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Crunch! Crunch!)