Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's TM's Birthday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

Today is a 'Special Day' 'cos it's The Missus's Birthday! We knew it was coming 'cos Old Two Legs has been saving up his pocket money and we have been saving our Doggy Chocs to get TM a present!

We wrapped it up last night and left it on the coffee table for her to find this morning when she got up.

We know she was pleased 'cos we heard a few Oooo's and Ahaaa's as well!

What did we get? It is one of those leather bag things for her Eye Plod Thingy that she uses!

We know that she was pleased 'cos we got Lambs Heart for breakfast this morning instead of Doggy Scoff!

We were out early for our walk and as the tide was out, we had a chase along the beach and a game of 'Chase The Ball' but I think we enjoyed the 'Chase The Tail' better!
My Famous, Tail Grab and Twist!
Once again it was terribly cold down on The Sea Wall 'cos the wind was still coming in from off the North Sea, but there wasn't any snow, well not this morning!

We met up again with Barney #2 and I asked him who his parents were. He said his Dad is a Poodle and his mother is a Cocker Spaniel or it might have been the other way around!

Barney said that he was told he was a Cocker Doodle!

Holly nearly fell over onto her tail! A Cocker Doodle? That was the sound a chicken makes first thing in the morning!

Barney looked upset, 'I'm not a chicken', he said, 'I'm a Woofer'!

I'm a Woofer, not a chicken!
I said that Holly was trying to be funny and didn't mean to upset him, so he blew a raspberry at Holly and ran over to OTL for a cuddle!

We didn't hang about too long 'cos that wind was playing havoc with our ears and we needed OTL's warm gloves to stop them feeling cold!

It's fun with us both trying to sit on OTL's lap while he is warming our ears and after a few minutes we were warmed up enough to head for home!

Lambs Heart followed by a brush then a snooze in the Day Beds in OTL's office dreaming of chickens going CockerDoodleDoo on the car roof!

Lunchtime we did a trip down to the carriers to post off some stuff and then went back to The Sea Wall. It was still as cold and we both decided that it was going to be a short walk!

Come on OTL my tail is Frozen!
Even Holly decided it was too cold to enjoy all the sniffs and with the wind blowing into her face it was just no fun!

Home OTL!
When we got to the Rabbit Bushes we saw Bella coming up behind us. Now this dog is a total Bozo for her ball! When she came up to OTL, she was wagging her tail and woofing but the ball was still in her mouth!

So, instead of a real woof, it sounded more like a 'Nuff'

Holly said she should put her ball down but Bella is a real sucker for her ball!

Still, she is always so pleased to see OTL and he has never been able to get the ball off her!

Nugh, ya Carnt Hash Ma Bawl!
Back home to another snooze and tonight OTL getting in some Chinese so that TM doesn't have to cook on her birthday, so, with a bit of luck we may get a bit of crispy prawn as a birthday treat!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake