Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Weekend is Here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, we woke up this morning looking for the sunshine and what did we see?

Grey clouds!

Still, it wasn't raining, so off we all went to The Beach! Just around the corner from the car park there is a bin for all the rubbish the Two Legs want to get rid of. Trouble is, a lot of them are too lazy to walk to the bin and they throw all their rubbish into the grass or leave it on the beach.

Mucky Two Legs!

No Rubbish but a couple of Sniffs that were interesting!
The ferrets got out for a wee and we chased around looking for rabbits! Then we continued on and Old Two Legs was showing off 'cos the sky wasn't 'Dramatic' enough for B&W and his new filter!

Dramatic? Nah, Boring Grey!
The ferrets got emptied out of their bag and onto the beach, poor thing had gone back to sleep in their nice warm bag!

OK, Very Funny, Now put us back!
We met up with The Lads, Max, Oscar and Byrn but while I was having a chat, Holly legged it down the Sea Wall to say hello to a big old Staffy that she fancies!

The ferrets soon got warmed up again and enjoyed a 'Ferret' through the long grass and before we realised it, we were back at the car and heading home!

Holly and I had our breakfast, Chicken & Biscuits, and then headed our to our favourite snoozing place, OTL's bed!

The ferrets did their 'Thing' and rampaged around the house getting into mischief and pinching the doggy biscuits in our 'Nibble Bowl'!

It wasn't too long before they also decided that a snooze would be a good idea!

I just Love Snoozing!
Holly and I were given a Rawhide Chew yesterday and it's great fun sitting under OTL's desk have a really good gnaw!

Life don't get much better!

Lunchtime came and for once OTL managed to get a bite to eat before we went out!

It was just as 'Undramatic' as this morning and even a Yellow Filter couldn't change it at all!

Still not dramatic enough!
 Well, that was until we heard a lot of shouting behind us and there, curling its way through the bushes was a load of smoke from a garden fire that was getting out of control!

Looking better!
Then it all went quiet as someone was playing about with a hose pipe!

Drama Over!

Down on the beach we started off by playing 'Chase' while OTL tried to make a rock pool look interesting, but he failed!

Holly and I ran up and down the beach at full speed!

I'm catching you!
 You know, we were going so fast that I'm sure I was flying at one time!

Coming in to land!
Then Holly and I started to dig a hole. I was better at digging and there came a time when I couldn't see the bottom!

The bottom has gone!
I disgraced myself, while OTL was on his knees in front of the rocks I went Zoooooom past him and ran through the mud.

That left me with muddy paws! OTL even called me Miss Mucky Paws!

I can see a paw bath coming up when we get home!
Back home for a snooze and plan what DVD we are going to watch tonight, maybe The Hobbit!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Two Walks for The Ferrets!

Hi Woofers!

Us here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Hey! The sunshine has come back again!

Mind you, there was a bit of frost this morning, Old Two Legs had to spend some time scraping it all off the windscreen!

By the time we had got down to The Beach, the sun was out and warming everything up!

Spring is here!

Snowflake had to get out of the Ferret Bag before we got to the beach 'cos she had drunk too much Lactose Free Milk this morning!

Ooooooh! That's Better!
Down on the beach we were surprised to see Mrs Corvid a few feet along the beach, poking about in the sea weed looking for her breakfast.

The amazing thing was, she was getting closer and closer to OTL without realising it!

Holly and I were standing stock still watching her get closer!

Psst! Says Holly, 'A few more feet and we're in with a chance!'

Mrs Corvid must have heard Holly 'cos she turned her head and said....................

In Yer Dreams Woofer!
That was it, Holly was off like a bullet from a gun but by the time she had got to the shore, Mrs Corvid was gliding over the rock pools calling back...............

Told Ya!
Both ferrets were still on the wet sand trying to wake up!

Wot was all that noise?
Off we went, back towards the car and both ferrets were having a wonderful time 'Sniffin The Sniffs' all the way back!

Come on, let me have a sniff as well!
Back home we had a good game of chase all around the house and Brambles got side tracked by our biscuits, as normal, while Miss Snowflake was playing 'Hunt the Squeak' with OTL!

I don't know if it is the warm weather, but both ferrets just were not interested in going to sleep, as they normally do.

Snowflake was up at the cage door, Rattling it for all she was worth. Mr Brambles was at the up stairs door, giving it a good bash as well!

Holly was fast asleep on the bed and I was getting no sleep, so I was looking for something to interest me!

OTL let the ferrets out for a run but they both headed down to the front door.

I decided that we should go for another walk, so I gave OTL the 'Secret Sign', a thump on the back of his chair!

In the end he decided that there was no point in trying to work, he just had to take us all out again!

So, there we were, eleven fifteen, down on the beach again but this time digging holes and running about!

The ferrets thought it was great fun and scampered all over the place when they got to the grass path.

Mr Brambles was having trouble getting up the steps again, so he was calling out for Snowflake to 'Give him a shove'!

I'm sure this thing is growing!
 Snowflake came back, took a look and said 'No Dear, it's you, your getting too fat to get over the step!'

Your front is OK but the back end just doesn't have the power!
We all had a good laugh about that!

OTL stopped at the bench and put both ferrets up on top. Holly and I jumped up as well and we all had a look at the scene around us.

Both ferrets had never seen so much grass and trees at one time and said that they didn't know the world was so big!

You can see so much from up here!
 Then Miss Snowflake found a small problem with being up so high.

It sure is a long way down!
It was OK for OTL, Holly and me 'cos we could easily get up and down but the ferrets have only got short legs which maybe OK for climbing up but not so good for going down!

Back home again and the first thing both ferrets did was to fall asleep, and they haven't moved since, in fact OTL has given them a poke, just to make sure they were still alive!

I reckon they will sleep all the way through the night without waking up once!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snoozy Snowflake and Mr Snoring Brambles!

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Wot a day!

I don't think it has stopped raining at all today! We went out first thing  and it was a misty sort of rain. Holly and I didn't hang about and even the ferrets were in a hurry to get home!

A Sea Weed Bath!
That was, as soon as they both got out of their Sea Weed Bath! Well, it made a change from swimming in the wet grass!

Mr Brambles had some fun running up and down the Sea Wall doing his 'Wall of Death' run!

Zoom Zoom!
Looking back you could see that the bad weather was going to be with us all day!

Sun Shine it ain't!
Back home Old Two Legs got going with the last bits of 'Manufacturing' and then packing them all up ready for delivery.

Now, we know that OTL can be a sneaky little Two Legs and in the past he has managed to creep out while Holly and I have been busy doing things like, eating, drinking or searching for chews!

Nowadays we keep a very close eye on what he is doing, especially if he gets up from his office chair!

Today the signs were there, moving boxes of stuff downstairs, taking his mobile phone and wallet and putting them in his coat pocket.

Then there was the sneaking his coat down into the front porch, together with his shoes!

So, as soon as I saw the signs, I gave a woof to Holly and she kept a watch down stairs and I sat at the top of the stairs, there was no way he was getting away!

Finally, he decided that he wasn't going to get out without us, he opened the door and we dived into the car and up to our normal driving seats!

Off we set, in the rain and soon we were at the first customers place. In went OTL and a half an hour later he came out, talk about a gas bag!

Off to the next and blow me down if he didn't spend nearly an hours doing the same!


Then, after that we headed up to a park we had been in before, which was just as well 'cos both Holly and I rather fancied a wee!

Out we jumped, straight into a puddle!

Oh yes, it was still raining!

Back to the car where we got a good rub down and we headed for home, via The Doggy Shop!

That was great fun, Holly was so excited and had trouble holding back on her woofing!

We got some boring stuff, like disinfectant for where the ferrets have a wee on the carpet! Then the ferrets got a new lead each, Flash!

We got some biscuits and a new Doggy Scoff and we made sure OTL put a couple of packs of Chicken Fillets in the basket as well!

As normal, Holly and I got a 'Sample' of Chicken Fillet as we headed back home for a snooze!

So, not much in the way of photographs today but with a bit of luck we may get some more tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

So, Where is Our Oscar?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a day it's been!

Up late this morning 'cos we wen to bed late last night. Old Two Legs finally finished the video for The Missus and after spending hours up loading it to YouTube, it went 'Live' last night!

TM seems pleased with the result, (so she should be!) and she is now getting all the glory on FaceAche, mind you, not a word about the hours OTL and us spent working in the 'Editing Suite' getting rid of TM's Err's and Ummmns' and 'Oppp's that's gone on the floor'!

It was Hell, but we did it in the end!

Bleeding Art Tissue with Inky!

Well, we were a little late in getting out but as we missed most of the rain it didn't really matter!

OTL thought that there might be some 'Dramatic Clouds' so he brought along the B&W camera and the Yellow Filter.

All there was up in the sky was 'Grey Cloud' everywhere!

Dramatic it ain't!
It wasn't too cold and the tide was out. Holly and I had a game of 'Chase' then Snowflake decided to have a 'Ferret Game' called 'Hide 'n Sneak'!

Hide 'n Sneak anyone?
 I was having too much fun to join in her game, Holly was down the other end of the beach and Brambles was hunting Kebab Sniffs!

Sand Shovelling!
 Mind you, I did let her join in digging my hole!

You dig there and I'll dig here!
Mr Brambles is so food orientated, he is still breakfasting on our Doggy Biscuits and he makes a real pig of himself!

The way he is obsessed by the Kebab Sniff I reckon that OTL will get a serious mugging the next time he brings a Kebab home!

It's still gone, wonder when it'll come back?
OTL has been busy this morning with 'Manufacturing' again, work, work, work, these Two Legs seem to do nothing else, poor dears!

Us Woofers on the other paw know how to enjoy life and it starts off with a snooze!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and this time there were some breaks in the clouds, not many, but some!

Holly met up with one of the Wormy Men who was coming in off the mud, of course, Holly being Holly was straight down the steps and wanted to have a look!

Hey Mister, Let's Have a Look at Yer Worms?
 He said that she was just big enough for him to feed her to the worms and at that point she ran off!

We met up with Bonnie, a very nice Staffy who thinks OTL is just wonderful and the best thing is he gives her a tickle on her tail!

Hello OTL!
Holly and I think that she is just one Big Tart!

Holly suggested that we sat on The Sea Wall and let OTL set up a picture to show the 'Dramatic Clouds'

We still reckon that what he needs is dramatic clouds and dramatic mountains, like wot there is at the end of Rannoch Moor, just before you go down into Glencoe!

OK, where are the mountains?
Now, we have been waiting for the knock on the door and the crowds of reporters and loads of people clapping and a big red carpet outside the front of the house.

I mean, that last film we did deserved the biggest Oscar of them all!

Just a gentle hint........................We are Still Waiting!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

OTL makes a Discovery on The Beach!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Busy Busy Day today, well for Old Two Legs anyway, poor lad has been 'Manufacturing'. Us on the other paw have been enjoying snoozes, in between eating!

We had sunshine when we went out down The Beach and Miss Snowflake had great fun dancing over the rocks and sea weed! 

I just Love the Sunshine!
Brambles was complaining that he had an itch on his tail but to get to it means he had to roll on the sand, so, being a caring sort of ferret, Miss Snowflake gave it a scratch for him!

Yeah! Just there!
Mr Brambles even had fun digging a hole!

Then he was off looking for the Chicken Kebab he sniffed yesterday!

It was here that we lost it yesterday!
Snowflake joined us up on the grass path where we found a super sniff and of course, she was there in the queue!

Come on, hurry up, I'm next!
Back home we got Doggy Scoff waiting for us, which didn't please Holly, or me!

Mr Brambles, of course, rushed into the kitchen and was stuffing his chops with our 'Chicken Bits'. I have never heard of a ferret eating dog food before but he seems to do well on it!

Holly and I will admit to enjoying the Ferret Bits OTL feeds to the ferrets!

Well, share and share alike!

We left OTL to get on with his work while we spent some time woofing at the Two Legs walking past our front window!

After a while we got a bit fed up and decided to go and worry OTL to take us out early for the lunchtime walk.

As he was getting fed up with 'Manufacturing' he said that a walk was a 'Good Idea'!

Down on the beach, Holly and I were mooching along The Sea Wall while OTL was strolling along the beach when, suddenly, he stopped and got down on his knees!

Seems he had found a shell, so what, there are loads of them on the beach.

He said that this one was different, it was a Sea Urchin shell!

Well, half a shell and it was small as well.

Sea Urchin!
Now, OTL says that the urchin normally would be in deeper water than we have off the shore 'cos for about a mile it is all mud!

What it does say is that the water must be clean to have urchins around!

OTL says that it has it's mouth underneath the shell and sticky spines all over the shell!

Crazy or wot!

A Sort of Starfish type of animal!
We left that and headed off to have a game of 'Chase' and OTL was talking about how he had wished that he had brought the B&W camera 'cos the clouds looked 'Interesting'!

Well, you can't win them all!

Dramatic but in colour!
Yes, definitely it needs a Yellow Filter and B&W!

Back home to have a snooze before dinner!

See you tomorrow lads!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Rivers of Mud and Take 57!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We have had some fun today, it started first thing this morning. The Missus had got up around five and decided to have a quick run around with the jet powered vacuum cleaner.

That woke everyone up!

The ferrets were kicking their Poo Pots around, Holly called out that they should 'Keep Woofin' Quiet!' and Old Two Legs rolled over, knocked his glasses onto the floor and went to sleep again!

We all woke up again at seven thirty!

Except TM, who was wide awake all the time!

Up we got and the sun was shining and both ferrets were charging around in the office getting all excited about their breakfast of Lactose Free Milk!

We headed off to the beach and Mr Brambles asked to get out for a wee before we got to the beach. Miss Snowflake got out at the same time to have a ferret around.

Mr Brambles was in a good mood and pretended to be a 'Grass Shark' and said he was chasing OTL!

Here comes the Grass Shark!
Soon they were back in the Ferret Bag and by the time we got to The Beach they were both fast asleep!

Snowflake was out first and played a game of 'Chase OTL' to try to get back in the bag.

Brambles on the other paw, had trouble waking up again and it took a little while before he finally got moving!

I really didn't want to wake up!
Holly and I had a game of chase and I found an egg sack which we both tossed into the air and it was carried along in the wind!

My Turn!
 Miss Snowflake was scampering about an getting fed up with chasing OTL she stopped and pointed her nose to the sky, 'Mmmmmmmm Chicken Kebab!'

A Sniff from Southend on Sea!
Both ferrets followed the sniff but when the climbed up the steps, it faded away!

It's Gone!
We met up with Barney who wanted to know where the ferrets were before he greeted OTL and got a tickle behind his ear!

He's a bit of a wimp really, but a lovely lad all the same!

OK, where are they?
Back home OTL was busy working and pretty soon he had a big parcel ready for the carrier.

After shipping it we headed off to The Forest! OTL was worried about the mud but we told him that it must all be dry by now!

He still put on his wellies!

Just how wrong can we get!

It started off all nice and dry.

Look! No Mud Here!
We spotted a bunch of Young Daffodils growing in the wood and Holly said that it won't be long before they started to bloom!

This years Daffs!
We were on the lookout for squirrels and it was OTL who saw the first one!

It was OK spotting them but the path was very muddy and by the time we got to where they were, they had gone!

A Path? More like a River of Mud!
By the time we got back to the car our legs were very muddy and quaggy! OTL put us on our leads before we got in the car to keep us off the seats!

I feel very muddy!
Back home we both got a good wash to get rid of the mud!

Up stairs we went to tell the ferrets all about The Forest but they were both asleep, Snowflake was in their 'Sleep Basket' and Mr Brambles was asleep in the Hammock!

This is the life!
 Late this afternoon, TM got all psyched up and did her 'Bleeding Tissue video again and again and again!

It's amazing how you can get tongue tied when your painting a tissue with cold water!

You will be pleased to know that they finally finished, after about five hundred 'Takes', so now it's up to OTL to put it all together!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Still Asleep!)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Lazy Day Today!

Greetings Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

It was cold this morning, there was ice all over the windows of the car. Old Two Legs spent ages scraping it all off!

When we got down to The Beach there were frozen puddles all over the place.

Pretty but very slippy!

Down on the beach we could see where the tide had come up to at the last High Tide.

We decided to have a game of chase but couldn't decide who was first to 'Go'!

No! You Go First!
Brambles and Snowflake had a super time diving in and out of the grass looking for Stoats and Weasels. They had just as much success as Holly has had finding rabbits!

I just 'Love' having a good Ferret around in the grass!
There was a noise and guess who crashed through the grass?

It was Bryn! He had been out with Max & Oscar but had held back, just to say hello to us all!

Yo Girlie's!
Back home OTL was back to working making stuff, so Holly and I used the time to have our normal snooze  in OTL's office.

I woke up again around eleven forty five and decided that it was time for our lunchtime wander along the beach.

I jumped up onto OTL's lap and gave his nose a good licking and then looked deep into his eyes.

He got the message!

The tide was on it's way in but it wouldn't be high tide until eleven minutes past three so Holly and I decided a stroll along the beach would be best.

Holly and I started by strolling along the Sea Wall enjoying the sniffs and OTL was down on the beach with the camera.

We didn't really take too much notice of where he was so it was a bit of a surprise when he poked his head up, camera in hand, and said 'BOO!'

Holly came along afterwards and I stood there to see if she got caught.


That OTL is getting too clever by half!

We heard a strange noise that seemed to be moving down the mud flats just off shore, then, around the corner came.....................four Hovercraft!

Now, it's not often we see Hovercraft on the mud and to see four all together was a sight to see!

A Sunday Morning Drive on The Mud!
We were wondering what the Wormy men would say but today they had all gone home before the Hovercraft arrived.

Back home there was all doom and gloom. The Missus started of with the famous quotation.

'We have a Serious Problem' !

Now, that could mean, there is water flooding the house or the cooker has caught alight again, or someone has driven a car through the back wall or the laptop computer is pouring smoke out the DVD slot or maybe her left leg has dropped off and upset the Glitter Pot!

You know, the sort of problem you get nightmares about!

Now TM sometimes does suffer from an 'Over Dramatic' view of the problem.

What ever it is that is the problem, it normally means OTL has got money to pay out!

This 'Problem' is no different!

The fridge in the kitchen somehow has stopped being a fridge and turned into a Freezer!

Our carrots were like steel rods, the ferrets milk had icebergs floating on top and the chicken TM cooked yesterday was like a rock!

Our Lambs Heart dinner was like a kerb stone as well!

OTL, being a 'Careful' sort of Two Legs, decided to turn the thermostat down to 'One' and see what happens. We reckon that he will be ordering a new fridge tomorrow.

OTL says that in years gone past he might have just replaced the thermostat but nowadays it is all sealed up and getting to the part would be real pain and getting an engineer in might end up costing nearly as much as a new fridge!

So, it looks like we got a new fridge arriving in a week or so!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles