Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunny Monday and more Hairy's

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Phew! What a hot day today! Even first thing this morning it was hot as we took our morning stroll along The Sea Wall!

Holly and I were discussing the Olympics and what we would enter and what medal we would win!

As we passed Mrs Corvid she said she could do the High Diving but would not go into the water. Can you imagine, Triple Twist with Double Loop and Pancake Landing with Vertical Swoop Upwards?

Mrs Corvid said it was simple to do, providing you keep your feathers clean!

Gold Medal for Mrs Corvid!
Holly said that as we didn't have feathers we had better leave that to Mrs Corvid!

We did decide that we could do the Two Runner Sniff Relay Race, so to make sure we were in top condition, we had a practise along the Wall!

The Sniff Relay!
I first pick up a Sniff, then race along to Holly and tell her what Sniff it is, then she races around the track and picks up a new Sniff on the way and passes it onto me and I run across the winning line!


Holly suggested she could enter the Drain Jumping race, then she proceeded to show of with her paw moves as she approached and jumped the drain.

Holly's Winning Drain Jump!
We thought of several other races we could win but Old Two Legs said that we mustn't be greedy!

This afternoon we went down to The Forest again and we saw the Highland Cattle again. This time I got all big and brave and went close to one and said 'Hello'.

She looked down at me and slowly said 'Hellooo' back!

Hellooo Doggy!
Then we were off squirrel hunting. OTL saw one but it was doing the Fast Exit Trick and he only got a picture of it's Tail as it disappeared into the leaves!

Squirrel doing a Quick Exit!
As we were leaving, one of the Highland Cows walked across the path and stopped to look at us. We were a bit scared but OTL just carried on walking towards the cow and she slowly moved to one side and let us pass.

Hellooo Again!
Bye bye she said, 'Haste Ye Back'!

So that was it, Holly said she was going to come back and have a good chat with them next time!

Off to dinner now, we know an OTL that needs to be mugged for some of his dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (With her Tummy feeling much better now!)