Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Misty and Murky start to a Fun Filled Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

The 'Heating Men' are back again to finish off the last bits of the new system. Old Two Legs has been trying to get to grips with the 'Wireless Control Module' but his fingers are too big for the control buttons and he keep pressing two or even three buttons at the same time!

Mind you, last night it was super warm in the house and the towel rail was almost glowing red with heat!

OTL now has a nice warm towel to dry his bald patch on his head!

We were out good and early 'cos the weather man said that it would be a 'Murky' start with rain at lunchtime, so, get out early and then we can have an early lunchtime walk before the wet stuff arrives!

We got down the beach to see that the birds had got there just as the tide was on it's way out and they will follow the tide all the way out!

Breakfast with some mates!
Today, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles stayed in the bag all the way down to the beach. OTL got them out and the first thing Snowflake did was to chase after the 'Slimy Wet Smelly Thing' under the sea weed. When she stuck her head out she found she was surrounded by water!

I bet it's deep, I know it will be deep, I'M GOING TO GET WET!!!!
 And she did!

We had a visit from young Dave who came bounding up the beach, shouted 'Hello' to the ferrets and then ran around us in a big circle!

Morning Holly!
We all joined in a game of 'Chase' and of course, I was the quickest but Dave was a little fasted than Holly, but she made it up on the corners, Holly's got a good 'Turning Speed'!


 Back home the 'Heating Men' were hard at work finishing off the system so tonight we will be almost 'Back to Normal'!

Lunchtime we went off delivering some stuff and OTL took us to The Forest! It was rather muddy there but the only one complaining was OTL, something about muddy paws on the seats!

Mind you, we didn't worry about that, not when there's loads of sniffs to be had!

A Little Sniff Here and a Little Sniff There!
We even found OTL another small fungi, in fact this one was so small that we weren't sure if he would even see it!

The big one is just a half an inch high, a really Mini Tiddly Fungi!
Of course, we went off hunting squirrels and this time we spotted three on the ground, so we chased them back up the tree again!

Holly did suggest that we should learn how to climb trees so we could chase those pesky squirrels but I don't think we would eve be fast enough to catch one!

Here be squirrels but I'm not climbing up there after them!
As we were ending our walk, we came across the Heeland Coo's munching away on the bracken and generally having a good time. They were in the bushes and minding their own business, except one!

She just sort of ambled along the path towards us. Holly and I gave a couple of woofs each, just to show we weren't scared and that she should get out of our way!

She just kept ambling along until she got within six feet of us, stopped and looked down her long nose and said...........

Your Move Woofers!

We got out of her way!

Brave we may be, stupid we ain't!

So, back home to find the house all warm and being cleaned up ready for the plasterer to arrive to make some more mess!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.